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Brief History

Bolho is an extension of Zulueta Avenue going to San Joaquin. It has an area of almost 12 hectares and a population of 261. This place was headed by Jose Mondia, Sr. (1955-1971) and Jesus Nochete (1972-1974). Then followed by a woman barangay captain Lilia Faicol (1975). In 1976 Mario Mondia was elected as Punong Barangay byt he did not finish his term and was succeeded by Jesus Nemiada until at present.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Jesus Nemiada Punong Barangay
Candelaria Paris Kagawad
Bella Atilano Kagawad
Roqena gustilo Kagawad
Zenaida Gustilo Kagawad
Loreta Nemiada Kagawad
Ramon Mondia Kagawad
Susan Nadanza Kagawad
Myra Farochelin SK Chairman
Barangay Secretary
Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Total Land Area

Residential 5 has
Number of transportation available in the barangay Jeep 13, Private Cars 10, Triccyle 5, Motorcycle 7, Bicycle 8
List of tourist attraction University of the Philippines in the Visayas Campus

Social Profile

Total population 504
Number of male 310
Number of female 234
Number of youths 42
Number of households 85
Number of houses 85
List of sports facilities Basketball court
List of recreational facilities Billiard Hall
List of school present in the barangay UPV, Miag-ao Campus
Number of college students 5
Number of high school students 31
Number of elementary pupils 49
Number of pre-schoolers 6
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic
Other religious sectors present in the barangay none

Infrastructure Profile

Presence of road and estimated length Cemented road = 250 meters
Number of Houses with Electricity 85
Number of Houses without Electricity 0
Number of Bridges and Length 2 = 12 meters & 20 meters
Number of Communication Facilities Cellphones 8, Telephones 9, Handheld radios 34
Number of Water Supply System Jetmatic pump 9

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