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Brief History

Barangay Cawayanan in the Oyungan Valley is next to Barangay Igbugo. It is geographically bounded on the North of Barangay Bacolod, by Barangay Igdalaquit on the East and by Barangay Igcabitoon on the West. It is considered one of the smallest barangay because it ranks only 97 out of 119 barangays of the Municipality of Miagao. But, political, economical and educational capabilities, Cawayanan could not be set aside.

Cawayanan for a long time ago was only a sitio of Barangay Igcabitoon before it became an independent and legal barangay in 1967.It was established separately, patiently with great and hard work by the late Barangay Captain Alberto Factes who also became a member of the Sangguniang Bayan. It got its name from the bamboo clumps, locally known as "kawayan", which grow abundantly at that time. Residents of the place derive their income from selling bamboo as building materials.

Barangay Cawayanan former heads were Bautista Navallasca, Encarnacion Navallasca and Francisco Factes as the Purok Presidents respectively from 1940-45, 1945-50, 1950-67.

From 1967, Barangay Cawayanan became an independent and legal barangay under the leadersip of Barangay Captain Alberto Factes. He sat for 20 years for service and thereafter followed by OIC Dioscoro Soliva as Barangay Captain from 1990-1992. From 1992- 1995, Punong Barangay Teodora Maestrecampo also served the barangay.

From 1995 up to August 14, 2002, Punong Barangay Noel Soliva serves the barangay. And from August 15, 2002 Punong Barangay Adolfo Factes together with his Kagawads serve the barangay up to the present.


"Development of Infrastructure and Livelihood Program."


  1. Development of water shed area.
  2. Improvement of water supply pipeline.
  3. Construction of barangay plaza to the new site.
  4. To improve barangay hall.


  1. Massive tree planting in the watershed area.
  2. Change all old pipelines into new ones.
  3. Ask financial support through solicitation.
  4. Construction must be in "dagyaw system."
  5. Ask financial support/assistance from the national government.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Adolfo Factes Punong Barangay
Gil Nalagay Kagawad
Anthony John Factes Kagawad
Vivencio Factes Kagawad
Elmer Nonaillada Kagawad
Allan Soliva Kagawad
Ernie Fio Kagawad
Pedro Factes Kagawad
Jayson Faelman SK Chairman
Lucio F. Niņo Barangay Secretary
Leonisa Sicabalo Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Total Land Area

Agricultural 23.2200 has.
Residential 12.0120 has
Forestry 10.1080 has
Grass Land 1.00 has

Social Profile

Total population 281
Number of male 147
Number of female 134
Number of youths 77
Number of households 68
Number of houses 65
List of sports facilities Basketball court, basketball board
List of recreational facilities none
Water System Spring
List of school present in the barangay none
Number of college students 06
Number of high school students 22
Number of elementary pupils 43
Number of pre-schoolers 09
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic
Other religious sectors present in the barangay Iglesia ni Cristo, Bethany Christian Fellowship, Fundamental Baptist Church and Universal Sovereign Catholic Church

Infrastructure Profile

Number of Houses with Electricity 50
Number of Houses without Electricity 15
Presence of road stating kinds of roads and length Barangay road, footwalk
Number of Communication Facilities cellphones 49
Number of Water Supply System Jetmatic 5, Spring Water 2

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