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Brief History

La Consolacion is also called Nasonogan after it was raised by fire, is in the upper Ticdalan Valley, 4 kilometers from Banbanan, and 11 kilometers from the poblacion.

Before the outbreak of the revolution against Spain in 1896, when Cabeza Mosoy (Ambrosio Epistola) was barrio head, a fire swept the barrio razing all houses. This prompted the barrio folks to scatter to their farm where they built their homes. Threatened by the roaming bandits, the scattered residents decided to live in one group. At first Cabeza Mosoy, the respected old man of the village, returned with his family to the burned site. Other residents followed him. Since then and for sometime thereafter, the place was called Nasonogan. In 1936, another fire broke Barangay Nasonogan, destroying crops and properties. In 1945, strong earthquake shook Nasonogan which lasted for 30 minutes, considered as the most terrifying disaster ever happened. People were forced to sleep in the middle of the rice field.

In 1954, by operation of law, it regained its old name La Consolacion believing that Nasonogan was bringing bad luck and inviting fire. The name La Consolacion, was derived from the patron Nuestra Seņora de la Consolacion.

The first teniente of the place was Hilarion Epistola, son of Cabeza Mosoy. After his death he was succeeded by his brother Policarpo Epistola, followed by Remegio Nuņez, then Pablo Montecir and Acasio Faca. Until the outbreak of World War II in 1941, the barrio was headed by Zacarias Frajillo, Flaviano Epistola served during the war and remained in he position until 1955. Flaviano Epistola was followed by Zacaria Frajillo for the second time (1956-1957), Soledad Molo (1957-1958), Federico Napagao (1959-1960), Eduardo Epistola (1962-1963), and Isidro Nanagad (1964-1967), Remedios Frajillo (1968-1979), then Angelito Epistola then Eduardo Epistola, Vicente Polmo and at present Domingo Epistola.

In the early days of the American regime. a public school was opened here with Eusebio Paguntalan as the first teacher. It was followed by Pedro Navallasca and Anastacio Legaspi. Navallasca, however, recommended the closure of the school for being far from the poblacion. On petition of barrio leaders, Elias Epistola and Carlos Frael a public school was opened here again shortly before World War II with the late Joaquin Nuņal as the teacher. The school was re-opened after the war. It became a complete elementary school in 1948.

Barangay La Consolacion celebrates its fiesta every 2nd Saturday of March but was transferred to 2nd Saturday of January due to residents demand approved in an assembly meeting.


  1. Construction of the Irrigation System.
  2. Repair and maintenance of road.
  3. Creation of a livelihood program to lessen the jobless people in the barangay.
  4. Radio communication.
  5. Maintenance of the water supply.
  6. To construct a health center being the center barangay.
  7. To construct tanod outposts in every outlet going to another barangay to maintain peace and order.
  8. To provide a parking lot for jeepneys.
  9. To improve the barangay market.
  10. To improve the barangay hall.


  1. To construct an irrigation dam to be funded by the national government.
  2. To find residents who will donate blood and the livelihood projects will be given to them.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Domingo Epistola Punong Barangay
Rolando Selorio Kagawad
Jorge Fabillo Kagawad
Salvacion Camarista Kagawad
Rosita Muega Kagawad
Angelito Epistola Kagawad
Roy Epistola Kagawad
Rene Frajillo Kagawad
Karen Selorio SK Chairman
Lourdesita Natino Barangay Secretary
Noemi Nantong Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Land Area

Total Land Area 151.7817 has.
Number of transportation available in the barangay Jeepney 3, Tricycle 2, Motorcycle 3, Bicycle 1
Proposed tourist attraction An army camp which was vacated and can be converted to La Consolacion Bala-an Bukid which may attract tourist during Holy Week.

Social Profile

Total population 468
Number of male 206
Number of female 262
Number of youths 107
Number of households 74
Number of houses 74
List of school present in the barangay La Consolacion Elementary School
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic

Infrastructure Profile

Number of Communication Facilities cellphones 18

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