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Brief History

Barangay Lacadon before the World War II is only a small sitio of Barangay San Rafael. It was then known as Hacienda Marga because of Muscovados Sugar Mill there owned by Margarita Fortaliza and was administered by Pablo Fandiņola, a sub-teniente.

After the World War II it was made into a barrio headed by Luis Naquita until he was succeeded by Elias Frigillano (1960-1967). In 1972 to 1979 it was headed by Barangay Captain Bruno Fandiņola. In 1980-1989 this place was headed by Punong Barangay Agustin Frigillano. He was succeeded by Barangay Captain Gil Sanguellas. In 1992 Sanguellas resigned and OIC Agustin Frigillano assumed office. In 1994-1997 Punong Barangay Violeta Sibonga headed the barangay. Then in 1997-2002, the Punong Barangay was PB Heber Frigillano. At present, the incumbent Punong Barangay is PB Violeta Sibonga.

Barangay Lacadon is 9.5 kilometers away from the Poblacion. It is near the boundary of Miag-ao and San Joaquin and 2 kilometers away from San Rafael. It was divided into three purok namely one, two, three. It has a population of 614 and 104 scattered houses. Government owned properties existing are barangay plaza, barangay hall, stage and multi-purpose hall, standing on the lot donated by the Nielo family. There's also waiting shed and tanod outpost. The barangay celebrates its patronal fiesta in honor of its patron Seņor Sto. Niņo every January 26.


The barangay to be the cleanest and greenest with its people living harmoniously, prosperous and God-centered.


  1. Planting of ornamental plants and fruit trees.
  2. Construction of water system.
  3. Installation of electricity.


  1. Cooperation of every barangay members.
  2. Providing seedling for every kagawad.
  3. Every household shall plant trees and langka.
  4. To encourage the planting of coconut trees.
  5. To encourage barangay parishioners to cooperate in every parochial activities.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Violeta Sibonga Punong Barangay
Rodrigo Sanguellas Kagawad
Rolando Faalarcon Kagawad
Rodolfo Santocildes Kagawad
Erlien Fandiņola Kagawad
Jerry Fallarco Kagawad
Quintin Santillan Kagawad
Eleazar Frigillano Kagawad
Jonna Sevilleno SK Chairman
Lolita Sanguellas Barangay Secretary
Pamposa Sevilleno Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Total Land Area

Agricultural 80.00 has.
Residential 38.4327.has
Forestry 20.00 has
Commercial 10.00 has
Number of transportation available in the barangay Tricycle 2, Motorcycle 2

Social Profile

Total population 617
Number of male 287
Number of female 330
Number of youths 60
Number of households 104
Number of houses 104
List of sports facilities barangay plaza
Number of college students 7
Number of high school students 80
Number of elementary pupils 80
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic

Infrastructure Profile

Number of Houses with Electricity 58
Number of Houses without Electricity 57
Number of Communication Facilities cellphones 13, Handheld radios 2
Number of Water Supply System Jetmatic pump 16, Deepwell 12, Spring Water 2

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