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Brief History

Maninila, a coastal barangay, was established in 1902. It is 3.5 kilometers from the poblacion along the national highway.

According to the elders of the place, Maninila got its name from "mani" meaning peanuts and a kind of fish called "mani-mani" which is plenty in the area at the time. Story narrates that one day when the residents are harvesting these peanuts and travelers came to taste the peanuts. The travelers stopped and ate with them and said "masarap pala ang mani nila. "So the tagalogs who came from Manila gave the barangay its name. From then on it is called Maninila.

The two long time heads of this place were Pedro Florencondia and Bernardo Namud. Monico Nique headed the barrio before, during and after World War II. Then he served again in 1952-1955. Others who headed the place were Antero Mombay (1948), Anastacio Failaman (1949 and 1960-1965), Paulino Nanagad (1950-1951) and Alfredo Netura (1956-1959 and 1964-1971).


To have a progressive barangay, supporting the Municipality of Miagao with its people living and working together in a peaceful and clean community. A family head finding means to support the family with educated and healthy children, learning good values and living a good Christian life. A disciplined officials practicing a good government and serving with a sincere service.

The Barangay Captain from 1972-1979 was Socorro Nisda, followed by Romeo Nufable (1982-1987), Luvimin Mucho (1987), Eriberto Geamoga Jr. (1988-2002) and presently headed by Erlinda Nisda since August 15, 2002 to present.

Barangay Maninila celebrates its barangay fiesta every August 15 and 16 to honor Sr. San Roque, their patron saint.

A plan to establish the Parish of Seņor San Roque comprising thirteen barangays, making Maninila as the seat of the parish was already. A new church will be constructed at the heart of the barangay.

The barangay is primarily agricultural but the people are engaged in other industries like fishing, copra making, cattle raising, hog raising, salt making and weaving.


  1. To provide livelihood projects for the improvement of the living condition of the people in the community.
  2. To construct barangay roads, foot walk and additional streetlights within the Barangay.
  3. To construct and maintain additional canals along the national highway


  1. Utilize all barangay officials, committees, NGO's in the implementation of the programs and projects of the barangay.
  2. Hold benefit dance, raffle and ask aid from the different resources other than the residents of the barangay.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Erlinda Nisda Punong Barangay
Elena Nelo Kagawad
Salvacion Fieldad Kagawad
Loida Nisda Kagawad
Rosalie Mucho Kagawad
Ronilo Saraza Kagawad
Joel Saracin Kagawad
Remegio Netura Kagawad
Ma. Rosa Fieldad SK Chairman
Elena Nufable Barangay Secretary
Roselyn Namud Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Total Land Area

Agricultural 78.97 has.
Residential 52.00 has.
Commercial 34.00 has

Social Profile

Total population 903
Number of Male 451
Number of Female 452
Number of Youths 66
Total Number of Households 190
Total Number of Houses 174
Number of Houses without toilets 0
Sports facilities volleyball, basketball, sepak takraw
Water System 1
Schools present in the barangay 1
Number of College Students 35
Number of Highschool Students 73
Number of Elementary Pupils 101
Number of Pre-schoolers 57
Prevailing Religion Roman Catholic
Other Religious Sect in the barangay Christian Reformed Church
Handicapped Persons and Nature of Disability 3
Number of Out-of-School Youth 5

Infrastructure Profile

Number of Houses with Electricity 160
Number of Houses without Electricity 14
Number of Bridges and Length 3 - 5mts., 7mts., 30 mts.
Number of Communication Facilities
1. Telephones 19
2. Cellular Phones 60
3. Handset Radios 01
Number of Water Supply System
1. Electric Pump 22
2. Jetmatic Pump 60
3. Pitcher Pump 01
4. Spring 02

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