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Brief History

Mat-y got its name after a creek along which the early settlers resided. Later the residents built their houses along the road to become a part of the poblacion.

This places has a wide irrigated areas planted to rice and rolling hills that teem yearly with sugarcane and corn. An old fashioned sugar mill owned by Tomas Nacionales is located about a kilometer from the barangay site.

The past tenientes of Barangay Mat-y were Leonardo Miatapal, Ignacio Murillo, Mateo Nicolasora, Vicente Natonton, Tito Fortaleza, Tomas Nacionales, Tomas Nedula and Feliciano Nobleza (195-1971), the barangay captains were Gregorio Nuņez, Leovigildo Nacanaynay, Eduardo Cartago, Jose Mosura, Nicolas Nolasco and presently Benito Moleņo (1972-present).

Several years after the Japanese War, Barangay Mat-y was famous of weaving industry. Wooden and bamboo looms could be seen almost in every residence which produced mosquito nets, patadyongs, pillow cases and window curtains. Now the industry died a natural death when plastic products from Ilocandia and other parts of the country flooding the markets.

When University of the Philippines in the Visayas (UPV) established in Miagao, almost 2/3 of the land area goes to the University mostly irrigated rice land. Today Northeast portion of the barangay is now a commercial and industrial site which includes boarding house, apartments, recreational hall, repair shops and bodegas. On the West portion stand the UPV staff houses, dormitories, cluster apartments, covered gym and PPO building all of UPV facilities.

Once a depressed barangay in the Poblacion, Barangay Mat-y is now enjoying the success of its inhabitants from the field of professions to Overseas Contract Workers and seamen. There are number of professionals who are serving the higher position in the government and to name some are: Atty. Raul F. Facon, Municipal Vice Mayor; Dr. Raul Muyong, School Superintendent, Southern Iloilo Polytechnic College-WVCST Miagao Campus; Dr. Anthony Montalban, Municipal Health Officer; Engr. Diosdado Facon, Municipal Engineer; Mrs. Aida Deramas, Asst. Municipal Treasurer; Mrs. Leticia Mosura, Guidance Counselor, SIPC and Engr. Rafael Mosura, former Manager, Philippine Railways Co. in Metro Manila.


Responsive to educational needs of its inhabitants. Responsive to the health and sanitation needs in the barangay. Peaceful and drug free community. Sports and youth development program. Dedication and honest service to the people.


  1. To lessen the unemployment problem in the barangay.
  2. To control the flow of traffic during peak hours of the day.
  3. To minimize criminality in the barangay.
  4. To improve the living condition of its inhabitants.


  1. Assign more barangay tanods to control the flow of traffics.
  2. Priorities infrastructure projects for barangay development.
  3. Information dissemination through barangay assembly.
  4. People's involvement on Clean and Green program.
  5. Implement barangay projects with transparency.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Benito P. Moleņo Punong Barangay
Nicolas Nolasco Kagawad
Joseph Cartago Kagawad
Evancinda Montalvo Kagawad
Conrado Teajdo Jr. Kagawad
Nanie Nacanaynay Kagawad
Mario Cubita Kagawad
Miguel Fredecilla Kagawad
Honeylette Montalban SK Chairman
Salvador Acsay Sr. Barangay Secretary
Flora Fredecilla Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Total Land Area

Agricultural 46.00 has.
Residential 38.00 has
Forestry 6.455 has
Commercial 10.00 has
Institutional 31.00 has

Social Profile

Total population 1,986
Number of male 989
Number of female 688
Number of youths 309
Number of households 354
Number of houses 374
List of sports facilities Multi-purpose Pavement used for variety of sports activities, mainly basketball, UPV covered court.
Water System Water District, deepwell water pumps, deepwell, spring
List of school present in the barangay Kaunlaran Learning Center, Le Cole Montessori Pre-school and Day Care Center
Number of college students 38
Number of high school students 53
Number of elementary pupils 94
Number of pre-schoolers 44
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic
Other religious sectors present in the barangay Seven-Day Adventist

Infrastructure Profile

Number of Houses with Electricity 338
Number of Houses without Electricity 36
Presence of road and Length Provincial road 1 kilometer and barangay road 230 meters
Number of Communication Facilities cellphones 144, telephones 92, Handheld radios 4, tower 1
Number of Water Supply System Deep well 2, Water Pumps 14, Spring Water 1

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