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We, barangay officials of Barangay Toog, Miag-ao, Iloilo do hereby signed ourselves to protect and serve our constituents with the help of the people of the barangay we hope we can make a peaceful and a beautiful barangay, a good leader and unity of the people. So that we can reach our mission/vision, we hope also that with the unity of the people we can solve our problems in farming, transportation, health and lighting facilities.


  1. To finish all projects by the year 2003.


  1. Aid from other government agencies is highly appreciated.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Rodrigo Niday Punong Barangay
Sysan Amigos Kagawad
Benajmin Farochilin Kagawad
Jose Niday Kagawad
Ronald Niday Kagawad
Michael Eusoya Kagawad
Richard Facurib Kagawad
Francisco Farochilin Kagawad
Jona Farochilin SK Chairman
MIldred Farochilin Barangay Secretary
Candelaria Yovero Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Land Area

Total Land Area 77.9500 has
Number of transportation available in the barangay None
List of tourist attraction None

Social Profile

Total population 136
Number of male 73
Number of female 63
Number of youths 32
Number of households 22
Number of houses 22
List of sports facilities Basketball court
Number of high school students 6
Number of elementary pupils 21
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic

Infrastructure Profile

Presence of road and estimated length 4 kilometers from Barangay La Consolacion
Number of Houses with Electricity None
Number of Bridges and Length Bamboo bridge
Number of Communication Facilities Cellphones
Number of Water Supply System Spring Water

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