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Brief History

This place was once called Barrio Manglonggong because the founder and owner of the barrio site, Alejandro Paguntalan, was fond of playing long-gong, a game of chance (dice) played during fiestas. After his death, the barrio administration went to the hands of his grandson Eusebio Nacisvalencia. When Capitan Pedro Alcantara Monteclaro established a sugar mill in the place, he appointed Eusebio Nasisvalencia as his encargado. The two became close friends that later on, to honor his friend, Don Pedro changed the name of the barrio Manglonggong to Valencia, derived from Eusebio's family name.

Past known heads were Anastacio Fieldad, Pedro Perez, Feliciano Nacauili, Lorenzo Perez, Valentin Nicolasora, Esperanza Bode, Bonifacio Nergua, Federico Nicolasora (1952-53), Vicente Nievares (1954-55), Ramon Nufable (1956-57), Pedro Florencondia (1958-59), Aquilino Bode (1960-63), Cirilo Falsario (1964-67), Miguel Nabuab (1968-71), Jaime Navarra Sr. (1972-89), Gonzalo Nacisvalencia (1989-97). The present Punong Barangay is Tomas Araracap Silvano Jr. (1997 - present).

Until few years ago, Valencia maintain its sugar mill. Aside from muscovado sugar, it also turned out sugar delicacies like lasao, pulot, butong-butong and pinasugbo.

Valencia has a complete elementary school during the post war era but was transferred to Barangay Maninila when it got burned in the early 50's. It honors San Vicente Ferrer, its patron saint, before in February but was transferred to April 24 that was agreed upon by the residents/parishioners of Barangay Valencia and then parish priest, Msgr. Claudio S. Sale.

Chief Mate Sergio Nicolasora who was working overseas and now residing in Richmond Cananda engaged in forwarding business, her younger sister Dr. Dolores Nicolasora an Internal Medicine practitioner with specialization in diabetes and goiter, as well as their cousin Rev. Father Francisco Nicolasora, now parish priest of Igbaras Parish Church are hailed from this place. His family was voted by the local Knights of Columbus as one of the outstanding families of the town.


To make Barangay Valencia progressive, peaceful, center of catholic faith in the area, sanctuary of all local species of birds and other wildlife, center of organic farming and other environment friendly programs and acitivites, and economic growth center in the area.


  1. To improve and develop the agricultural syste, facilities and productivity.
  2. To establish a credit facility for farm inputs and more livelihood projects.
  3. To establish a barangay cooperative that will support the agricultural and marketing needs of the farmers and residents of the barangay.
  4. To establish a Bagsakan for agricultural products or a Satelite Market.
  5. To construct a hanging bridge or a 10 tonner bridge across Naulid River.
  6. To maintain the beauty, order and cleanliness of the barangay.
  7. To improve and develop the barangay drainage system.
  8. To establish a water shed area all throughout the hilly portions of the barangay and classify as birds and other wildlife sanctuary in the area.
  9. To put up a herbal and ornamental plants and fruit/timber trees nursery.

Strategies/Proposed Priority Projects

  1. Construction of agricultural water reservoir, mini-dam or water embarkment across Naulid River and more water wells for irrigation.
  2. Construction and improvement of Water system/Facilities.
  3. Construction of Hanging Bridge of 10 tonner bridge across Naulid River.
  4. Establishment of Barangay Cooperative and Bagsakan for agricultural products or satelite market.
  5. Establishment of Barangay Credit Facility for farm inputs and livelihood projects.
  6. Construction of the dilapidated barangay plaza fence and multi-purpose pavement.
  7. Improvement of road canals
  8. Establishment of herbal/ornamental plants and fruit/tmber trees nursery for massive tree plantig, vegetables and ornamental plants productions.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Tomas A. Silvano Jr. Punong Barangay
Leo N. Nabuab Kagawad
Jaime N. Navarra Jr. Kagawad
Nelson P. Nufable Kagawad
Ruth N. Molejona Kagawad
Gonzalo R. Nacisvalencia Kagawad
Alex S. Nacisvalencia Kagawad
Mary Jean M. Tamagos Kagawad
Berlin N. Berol SK Chairman
Jay Ann M. Launio Barangay Secretary
Mary Ann N. Molejona Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Total Land Area

Agricultural 60 has.
Residential 8.5 has
Forestry 35 has
Graze Land 25 has

Social Profile

Total population 325
Number of male 164
Number of female 161
Number of youths 14
Number of households 74
Number of houses 70
List of sports facilities Multi-purpose Pavement used for variety of sports activities, mainly basketball, volleyball, badminton, etc.
List of recreational facilities scrabble sets and chess board
Water System Barangay Valencia Water system
List of school present in the barangay none
Number of college students 09
Number of high school students 27
Number of elementary pupils 35
Number of pre-schoolers 09
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic
Other religious sectors present in the barangay Protestant, ApostolicJesus Name, Iglesia ni Cristo, Seven-Day Adventist

Infrastructure Profile

Number of Houses with Electricity 59
Number of Houses without Electricity 11
Number of Bridges and Length 3 (two CBC-Bridges of 4 meters each and a Bamboo Hanging Bridge of 50 meters in length)
Number of Communication Facilities cellphones 22, telephones 5, Handheld radios 2
Number of Water Supply System Jetmatic 17, Water Pumps 6, Spring Water Impounding System 1

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