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It was in the early part of June 1974 when the late Conrado J. Norada, then Provincial Governor of the Province of Iloilo, initiated the move to open up a barangay high school at Barangay Naulid, Miagao, Iloilo in order to serve the neighboring barangays of Kirayan Sur, Kirayan Norte, Banuyao, Naulid, Maninila, Valencia and Tatoy Elementary graduates.

During the first year of operation, the school had 80 students in the first and second year. In 1975-1976, the third year was opened and in 1976-1977, the fourth year. In April 1977, 30 students graduated.

The pioneer teachers were Merlita Gayatgay and Leticia Farparan. Nonito Nagamos was designated as the school head and at the same time, the principal of the elementary.

As of the year 1997, 776 students have graduated from Kirayan National High School and some pursued college courses and are successful in their chosen field of work.

The mission of the school is to enable each student to discover his full potential so that he will be able to identify his own destiny in a global community, to prepare each one to become responsible and enlightened leader who loves his own country and proud to be a Filipino.

It also aims to develop the students into functionally literate, economically secure, socially and morally responsible citizens who will contribute to the development of the Philippines.

Presently, the school has eight (8) teachers namely: Elizabeth Reando, Mary Ann Nuņeza, Leonisa Gatilogo, Vicente Nufable, Myrna Naldoza,Minda Molina, Lacmie Piedad with Merlita G. Montenid as the Secondary School Head with 300 students enrolled.

In school year 1998-1999, the school was able to construct one classroom building and one office and thirty thousand pesos (Php 30,000.00) worth of tablet arm chairs. The school conducts tutorial groups or teams to help students who are deficient in English and Mathematics subjects.

With the support and cooperation of students, parents, as well as teachers, Kirayan National High School will move on carrying the vision/mission of the Department of Education, Culture and Sport.

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