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The San Rafael National High School is located along the coast about eight (8) kilometers away from the poblacion of Miagao. The school started to operate on August 1, 1967 when the group of leaders in the barrio under the leadership of Luis Brillantes together with the help of town officials succeeded in the establishment of a barrio high school. It started with ninety (90) students and two permanent teachers, namely: Sampaguita Molano and Nenita Fabolarcon and a part-time teacher, Adelina Flores. It was supervised by the principal of the elementary school, the late Romulo Bautista. It started its operation with first and second year classes housed in a temporary building which was put up by the Parents-Teachers Association in a site adjacent to the elementary school donated by the Municipality of Miagao.

Mission: Effective and efficient delivery of education for quality life through dedication and committment.

Vision: San Rafael National High School is envisioned to be the center of excellence that would promote the toal developemtn of the young, enhancing their mental, spiritual, physical, social, emotional attributes leading to the total make-up of their personality.

The school was created through a Barrio Charter, and from its birth up to the present, it marches to an exciting history when it underwent major changes in physical aspects, curriculum offerings and personnel. The teachers who spent some years in San Rafael National High School were Ofelia S. Polido, May N. Misiano, Lourdes Nonescan, loreto de la Torre and Shirley S. de la Cruz. Assitant Principals were Juanito Setias, Teofilo Nagamos, Jesus N. Nasa, Jpurificacion Plimaco and Nelson Nagamos. The school is presently under the supervision of Julieta Sariņas.

The growth of San Rafael National High School is marked by its conversion into a national high school by virtue of Executive Order 189 series of 1987 and Republic Act No. 6655. Its conversion also marked the relief of the assistant principal in the supervision of the high school. The school started to operate independently in 1988 and the supervision was undertaken by the new school head. It began to receive its national funding and operated as a national agency starting April 1993.

San Rafael National High School is one of the recipients of the Typhoon Resistant School Building Program donated by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in 1993. The new classrooms of the high school were occupied in October 1993. Prior to the construction of the JICA building, the school has no site of its own. As a requirement to the school building to have its site, the school head was challenged and was able to commit the municipal officials headed by former Mayor Julieta N. Flores to donate 10,000 square meters lot for the new site of the high school.

At present, the school has a totl enrolment of 344 students with seven classes and eight teachers, namely: Olivia N. Nogra, Victoria F. Ariola, Marissa R. Fandida, Nora N. Frigillano, Ma. Corazon S. Navallasca, Remia N. Nierves, Rony N. Narida with Julieta Sariņas as the school head.

San Rafael National High School is proud to be the pilot high school for Region VI-Western Visayas on the macro try-out of Project EASE (Effective and Affordable Secondary Education), a new project launched by the Bureau of Secondary education of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS) and the Philippines SEAMO INNOTECH (South East Asian Ministers of Educational Organization/Innovation Technology) with EDPITAF as the funding institution.

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