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Brief History

Endowed with rich soil and abundant water supply, Bolocaue is the home of progressive farmers. It is noted for its summer crop like peanuts, vegetables and onions.

Bolocaue got its name from a creek that cuts alongside the barrio site. The source of this creek is in a mountain which oldsters of the place said was thea bode of bulalakaw, the god worshipped by the early people of Panay. The term bolocaue was derived from Bulalakaw.

Residents of this place have some unlucky years to remember. In 1918, Bolocaue was razed to the ground by fire which started from the upper barangay of Taal. During World War II, Japanese soldiers raided and burned all houses after learning that guerilla Lieutenant Eulogio Manay and his men quartered there. The enemy caught and killed Esteban Facurib, Margarita Nasalga, Cornelia Nasalga, Adelina Montenid, Feliciano Montenid, Miguel Montenid, Agustin Fajanilag, Nicomedes Fajanilag, Benigna Navales and Maxima navales. In 1949, Bolocaue was the base and hideout of the Hukbalahaps. A massive campaign against them led to the mass surrender of the dissidents later.

Early heads were Cabeza Aplinario "Oling" Paluta, Ito Naman and Salvador "Adol" Montero. Tennientes Placido Perez, Roberto Fajemolin, Manuel Failanza, Feliciano Perez, Tiburcio Facurib and Fernando Nasalga. Before, during and after World War II it was headed by Arsenio Montero (1941-1947). Others who served after Montero were Cayetano Flauta (1948-1951), Simplicio Naquita (1952-1953), Juanito Montenid (1954-1955), Marcos Montero (1956-1931), Gregorio Nalumen (1962-1963), Juan Facurib Sr. (1966) and Juan Nonaillada (1967), Captain Pedro Montero (1968-1979), (1980-1985). He did not finish his term as head of the barrio because he left for Manila for vacation. First Councilamn Gregorio Nalumen took over the position as Officer-in-Charge (1985-1990). Elected Barangay Pablo Montero (1990-1994), Punong Barangay Teresita fajanilag (1994-1997), Punong Barangay Gregorio Nalumen (1997-2002). The barangay is presently headed by Punong Barangay Joel Fajemolin.


We are confident that through the unified support of municipal, national and the people of barangay, vision of infrastructure of hanging bridge, greater development of infrastructure can achieve ahead in the barangay.


  1. Improvement of peace and order.
  2. Maintain the clean and green program in the barangay.
  3. Increase the production of livelihood in the barangay.
  4. Improvement of infrastructure.


  1. To wisely utilize the IRA fund for barangay development.
  2. To support and cooperate in the completion of all barangay projects.
  3. To safeguard the lives and properties of the residents of the barangay.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Joel Fajemolin Punong Barangay
Jose Fajanilag Kagawad
David Nalinga Kagawad
Susan Ferrer Kagawad
Cristine Failanza Kagawad
Alejandro Fajanilag Kagawad
Pablo Montero Kagawad
Romeo Flauta Kagawad
Jolen Fajanilag SK Chairman
Jerry Nonaillada Barangay Secretary
Teresita Failanza Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Total Land Area

Agricultural 59.19 has
Residential 7.56 has
Number of transportation available in the barangay Jeepney 1, Tricycle 1, Motorcycle 2, Bicycle 2
List of tourist attraction None

Social Profile

Total population 178
Number of male 84
Number of female 94
Number of youths 15
Number of households 52
Number of houses 52
List of sports facilities Basketball court
List of school present in the barangay None
Number of college students 9
Number of high school students 8
Number of elementary pupils 16
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic
Other religious sectors present in the barangay None

Infrastructure Profile

Presence of road and estimated length Rough road = 6 meters
Number of Houses with Electricity 45
Number of Houses without Electricity 7
Number of Bridges and Length None
Number of Communication Facilities Cellphones 5, Telephones 5, Handheld radios 1
Number of Water Supply System Jetmatic pump 6, Deepwell 1, Water Pumps 3, Spring Water 4

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