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Brief History

Long time ago, most places have no name. The people just group themselves and built their homes near the far, that they worked. When the Spaniards came to this place, which is now called Barangay Cabunotan, they asked a group of people if what is the name of the place. Since the question was a Spanish language the people cannot understand what was the question all about. But some of them answered "bunot", since they thought that the Spaniards asked what is the name of the tree that make bunot out of it. Considering that there are many of this in the place, the place then was called Cabunotan.

The main occupation of the people of the barangay is farming. No wonder that this place is surrounded by rice fields. This barangay is now so progressive compare to other barangays sincere there is no electricity but the residents are peace loving people.


  1. To maintain government existing facilities especially the barangay hall.
  2. To maintain good road so that the people can easily transport their farm products and it is also good for school children.
  3. To increase agricultural products.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Vicente Napawit Punong Barangay
Emilio Fio Kagawad
Jhony Nabat Kagawad
Rosalinda Nalagay Kagawad
Isidro Farparan Kagawad
Nobert Fio Kagawad
Cyril Nopueto Kagawad
Magdalino Ferolino Kagawad
Shirley Fangonil SK Chairman
Elsie Fio Barangay Secretary
Rolly Alorro Sr. Barangay Treasurer

Social Profile

Total population 281
Number of male 155
Number of female 126
Number of youths 73
Number of households 50
Number of houses 52
List of school present in the barangay none
Number of college students 6
Number of high school students 24
Number of elementary pupils 42
Number of pre-schoolers 36
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic

Infrastructure Profile

Number of Houses with Electricity 11
Number of Houses without Electricity 39
Number of Bridges and Length 2
Number of Communication Facilities cellphones 3
Number of Water Supply System Spring Water 2

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