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Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Bernabe Nanas Punong Barangay
Rodolfo Co, Sr. Kagawad
Julieta Famanila Kagawad
Proceso Nalagon Kagawad
Teresa Napalinga Kagawad
Edwin Bayona Kagawad
Rodolfo Flonasca Kagawad
Alberto Pinon Kagawad
Ariel Flonasca SK Chairman
Ma. Teresa Napalinga Barangay Secretary
Myrna Legreso Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Total Land Area

Agricultural 98 has.
Residential 83.8260 has
Grassland 9.499 square meters
Number of transportation available in the barangay Jeepney 1, Tricycle 2
List of tourist attraction Mt. Paitan

Social Profile

Total population 423
Number of male 199
Number of female 225
Number of youths 126
Number of households 87
Number of houses 84
Number of college students 13
Number of high school students 28
Number of elementary pupils 46
Number of pre-schoolers 14
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic

Infrastructure Profile

Number of Houses with Electricity 73
Number of Houses without Electricity 11
Number of Bridges and Length 2
Number of Communication Facilities cellphones 17
Number of Water Supply System Jetmatic pump 11, Deepwell 2, Spring Water 8

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