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Brief History

Barangay Cubay Ubos...a small barangay found 5 kilometers from the town of Miag-ao. It has 43 houses and 240 population. It is composed of 22 hectares surrounded by land and beside is the Tumagboc River. The water system here is deepwell and farming is the main source of income of the people living in this barangay.

Before, the barangay is called "Moro Bosoy" or "Moro Poldo" of Movillon. People called the place by these names because all the land that surround the barangay was owned Poldo. Poldo is well known haciendero at that time and a well known businessman of woven products like patadyong, mosquito net, pillow case and others.

Before the time of President Marcos, Cubay Ubos is called Sitio Cubay and they have the same fiesta in the month of November. 1960-1964 when Apolinario Nieles became the 1st Teniente del Barrio, he separated Cubay Ubos to Cubay and he proclaimed that this barangay must have its own barangay feast. The fiesta was on October 23, 1960 with the patron saint "Our Lady of the Holy Rosary." Apolonio Nieles is well-known of his water melon at that time so people want him to be a tentiente del Barrio for a long time. During the time of President Marcos he left his position and transfer it to Toribio Nufuar where be became the first Barangay Captain up to 1981. After 1981, Raymundo Fantonalgo became the second Barangay Captain up to 1987. He seated for almost 6 years in the position. Roger Nieles became the first Barangay Captain who voted through Comelec and last for 6 years in the position (1987-1993). After Roger Nieles, Ramon Falle Jr. became the next Barangay Captain and seated for 3 years (1993-1996). From 1997 up to the present, Carlos Nufuar is the Punong Barangay with his 7 kagawads.


Cubay-Ubos is a productive and progressive barangay in the town of Miag-ao. The barangay residents has plenty of palay and very rich and abundant in water supply. In ten years from now, Barangay Cubay Ubos will be a small kingdom where people live happily. Now, we're planning to have a fly-over or bridge from Cubay-Ubos to Dawog. Maybe some agency of the local government can help the people of the barangay and to make the dream possible and through our efforts we can make this. So, that we can easily transport our products and can have a sand and gravel business.


  1. To establish cooperatives.
  2. Improvement of farming system.
  3. Employment status of professionals.

Strategies/Proposed Priority Projects

  1. To solicit certain amount from other sources.
  2. To attain time work for the repair and maintenance of barangay road.
  3. Purchase of medicine and medical supply.
  4. To aid and support for the recipients of the barangay.
  5. Construction of Tanod Outpost
  6. To defend diseases of farm animals.
  7. To improve and maintain the area of the barangay.
  8. To improve sports for the young and adults of the barangay.
  9. To attain knowledge on various training, seminars and orientation.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Carlos Nufuar Punong Barangay
Romeo Monocay Kagawad
Conrado Feniza Kagawad
Teresita Nieles Kagawad
Jorge Novero Kagawad
Elena Fabrigas Kagawad
Ricky Feniza Kagawad
Jocelyn Garcia Kagawad
Ramon Falle III SK Chairman
Florentina Momblan Barangay Secretary
Ninfa Feniza Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Total Land Area

Agricultural 7 has.
Residential 2/2 has
Forestry 3 has
Grassland 1/2 has
Open Space 1/2 has
Other uses 1/4 has
Number of transportation available in the barangay Tricycle 1, Private cars 2, Motorcycle 1, Bicycle 5

Social Profile

Total population 200
Number of male 90
Number of female 110
Number of youths 38
Number of households 45
Number of houses 40
List of sports facilities Basketball court
Number of college students 5
Number of high school students 12
Number of elementary pupils 20
Number of pre-schoolers 8
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic
Other religious sectors present in the barangay Protestant, Iglesia ni Kristo

Infrastructure Profile

Number of Houses with Electricity 40
Number of Houses without Electricity 5
Presence of road and estimated length Barangay road from Tan-agan to Cubay-Ubos 1/2 kilometer
Number of Communication Facilities cellphones 10, telephones 2
Number of Water Supply System Jetmatic pump 38, Deepwell 15

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