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Brief History

The mountain of Dalije is the biggest barangay in terms of population. It is located in the southern part of the municipality. It is 11 kilometers from the national road and 16 kilometers from the Poblacion.

This place derived its name from the dialect word Dalihig which means, to flow or flowing. In early days, there used to have a brook in the mountain called Panay. The crystal clear water of this brook passed the place thereby the residents calling the community dalihig from the running water passing their barangay. This was later called dalije, the now official name of the barangay.

Barangay Dalije has nine sitios: Baga-a,from the huge baga-a tree abundant in the place; Tacas Tunga-Tunga; Tacas Lay-on To-ong, from several flowing spring; Tanagan, from Tan-ag tree growing in the area; Mabogan, from Mambug tree abundant in the community; Mantiayaw, being the area located in the lower portion of the barangay; Punong and Tabiac Daga-a.

Previous leaders of the place were Ande Tandoy, Anke, Enteng, Osas, Ansoy, Paeng, Teban and Jose Nicar, Placido Nicar. Those who served the place after World War II were Anacito Sarsua (1948-1949), Ignacio navallasca (1950-1951), Selverio Costas (1952-1953), Pablo Santander (1954-1955), marcelo Moncal (1956-1957), Jose Pagapulan (1958-1967), Esperidion Sarsua Sr. (1960-1963)(1968-1971) and Ricardo Santander (1964-1967).

Barangay Captain Jesus Sarsua (1972-1982), Luis Moncal (1983-1989), Juan Moncal (1989) who succeeded the unexpired term of Luis Moncal who died in an ambush. The incumbent Punong Barangay Angelica Faduhilao 1989 to the present.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Angelika Faduhilao Punong Barangay
Rizalde Sarsua Kagawad
Luzviminda Faduhilao Kagawad
Aniceta Sarsua Kagawad
Mary Faduhilao Kagawad
Macario Seņoson Kagawad
Jesus Sarsua Kagawad
Bobby Nonaillada Kagawad
Renebert Faduhilao SK Chairman
Diolinda Deocampo Barangay Secretary
Helina Sarsua Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Total Land Area

Agricultural 450,000.00
Residential 10,000.00
Forestry 400,000.00
Grassland 42,000.00
Commercial 5,000.00
Number of transportation available in the barangay Jeepney 1, Private cars 1, Bicycle 10, Horse 30
List of tourist attraction Bugsukan Falls, Bubble Falls, Liboton Mountain, Panay Mountain

Social Profile

Total population 1,708
Number of male 874
Number of female 834
Number of youths 249
Number of households 331
List of sports facilities Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Cheese, Dama
List of recreational facilities Television, Cassette recorder
List of school present in the barangay Dalije Elementary School
Number of college students 25
Number of high school students 72
Number of elementary pupils 205
Number of pre-schoolers 50
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic
Other religious sectors present in the barangay Seventh day Adventist; Baptist; Born Again; Universal (Mother Piedad)

Infrastructure Profile

Number of Houses with Electricity none
Number of Houses without Electricity 331
Number of Communication Facilities cellphones 15, Handheld radios 1
Number of Water Supply System Faucet 258, Spring Water 80

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