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Brief History

This is place in the San Jose Oya-oy Valley was known as Ambolong from the Visayas word manugbulong or healer who resided there. During the term of Julian Frantilla as Vice Mayor of the town, he promoted the welfare of the barrio. To show their gratitude to him, the residents later changed the name of their place from Ambolong to Frantilla.

Those who headed this place were Fernando Muyong, Graciano Forelo, Luciano Forelo, Juan Alog, Hugo Micmic, Salvador Muyong, Cayo Muyong and Gregorio Fineza. Before, during and after World War II, it was headed by Tranquilino Alog. Those who served after the war were Maximo Moloa (1950-1951) and (1960-1963) Pacifico Alog (1956-1957) and Domingo Muyong (1958-1959). The present barangay captain is Cornelio Faca.

During the Japanese occupation, Frantilla was the first barrio to be raided by the Japanese soldiers which resulted in the death of Policeman Maximo Montilla, his son Jesus and daughter Dolores who was raped before she was killed. The Montilla family are from the poblacion but they moved to that place. Other killed were Luan Moloa and Simeona Monton, both over 70 years old and residents of the place.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Ronald Alog Punong Barangay
Ricardo Alog Kagawad
Fernando Faca Kagawad
Joel Naquita Kagawad
Rosita Naquita Kagawad
Dione Fanergo Kagawad
Leopoldo Fanergo Kagawad
Alexie Alog Kagawad
Rodel Naquita SK Chairman
Rosalinda Nogales Barangay Secretary
Monda Benson Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Total Land Area

Agricultural 709,784 sq. meters
Residential 3,312 sq. meters
Grassland 31,736 sq. meters
Open space 15,868 sq. meters

Social Profile

Total population 160
Number of male 89
Number of female 71
Number of youths 26
Number of households 32
Number of houses 30
Number of college students 2
Number of high school students 17
Number of elementary pupils 19
Number of pre-schoolers 1
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic

Infrastructure Profile

Number of Houses with Electricity 26
Number of Houses without Electricity 4
Presence of road and estimated length Concrete = 120 meters, Ground = 500 meters
Number of Bridges and Length 1 = 10 meters
Number of Communication Facilities Handheld radios 1
Number of Water Supply System Jetmatic pump 2, Spring Water 1

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