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Brief History

Barangay Igcabito-on faces Barangay Igpandan in the upper Oyungan Valley separated by the river. It is two (2) kilometers away from the Igbugo Parish Church and eleven (11) kilometers away from the Poblacion.

Barangay Igcabito-on got its name from BOLOBITO-ON trees once plentiful in the place.

Its past heads were Pedro Atyay, Itay Fillaro and Paulino Mondano who headed the place for more than twenty (20) years until the outbreak of World War II. He was followed after the war by Salvador Factes, Pablo Farparan, Cresencio Factes, Andres Faduhilao, Felix Mondiano, Adolfo Faduhilao and Bonifacio Farparan. This place is presently headed by Punong Barangay Luzviminda Faduhilao.

The barangay is celebrating its patronal fiesta every 15th day of April in honor of its Patron Saint Vincent Ferrer.


Barangay Igcabito-on in cooperation of its people and officials, striving to support endeavors for spiritual needs, increase farm production and support and guide the youth to be better citizens. With the vision that all all ventures and undertakings will be attained with peace and happiness in spiritual , intellectual, cultural, social and economic life of the people.


  1. Improvement of barangay footwalk inside the barangay.
  2. Improvement of Irrigation System, canals and bridges.
  3. Construction of barangay footbridge.
  4. Encourage barangay officials to ask financial support to the agencies concern.
  5. Implementation of barangay project thru IRA fund.
  6. Cooperate and unity of barangay officials and barangay people thru the bayanihan system.

Strategies/Proposed Priority Projects

  1. Helping everyone in constructing the project.
  2. Have unity in every work.
  3. By bayanihan system and self reliant.
  4. Asking support to the municipal and national government.
  5. Barangay Officials is the model of the people.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Luzviminda Faduhilao Punong Barangay
Marilou Gellangarin Kagawad
Adolfo Faduhilao Kagawad
Milagrosa Saquior Kagawad
Antonio Gencianeo Kagawad
Rey Farparan Kagawad
Jose Niadas Sr. Kagawad
Renato Mondano Kagawad
April Mondia SK Chairman
Evangelista Farparan Barangay Secretary
Mary Grace Murcia Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Total Land Area

Agricultural 4,957.045 sq. meters
Residential 9,497 sq. meters
Forestry 92,200 sq. meters
Grassland 90,000 sq. meters

Social Profile

Total population 461
Number of male 236
Number of female 225
Number of youths 51
Number of households 61
Number of houses 61
List of sports facilities Basketball court
Number of college students 3
Number of high school students 27
Number of elementary pupils 57
Number of pre-schoolers 43
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic
Other religious sectors present in the barangay Charismatic Pentecostal, Mother PIedad, Baptist, Seventh Day Adventist

Infrastructure Profile

Number of Houses with Electricity 35
Number of Houses without Electricity 23
Presence of road and estimated length Barangay road = 150 meters
Number of Bridges and Length 1 = 40 meters
Number of Communication Facilities cellphones 1
Number of Water Supply System Jetmatic pump , Spring Water

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