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Brief History

Ilog-Ilog in the Oyungan Valley us 3 kilometers from the national road and 8 kilometers from poblacion. How did this place got its name? One Day, a Spaniard visited the place. Wherever he went, the children tagged after him saying, "Ilog...Ilog...", which means friend. Because of this, the Spaniard called this place Ilog-Ilog.

When this place was founded in the time of Capitan Gregorio Monteclaro (1877-1878), it had only few houses. Later, more houses sprang up.

Ilog-Ilog has a sitio called Ambolong. This was established in 1937 when Jose Orbe was Mayor.

The earliest head was Cabeza Maximo Navallasca. The tenientes who followed him were Leuterio Navallasca (1900-1908), Silvino Nacapatan (1909-1913), Baldomero Navallasca (1952-1955), Gabriel Navallasca (1964-1967) and Resurrection Nequinto (1968-1971). This was followed by Basilio Nillos (1956-1963) and (1972-1979).

Ilog-Ilog had its first barrio school in 1910 with Pedro Navallasca as the first teacher. This school has now a complete elementary.

In the early American era, Ilog-Ilog was a pastoral charge of Igbugo. Before, World War II, it had her own patron, Lady of Perpetual Help, whose feast is celebrated in April.

During the Japanese occupation, Rev. Fr. Wenceslao P. Enojo, Assistant Parish Priest, stayed there until the war ended.

Ilog-Ilog was raided by the Japanese several times. In subsequent operations, they captured and killed Federico Perez and a small child of Esteban Farparan. Captured and tortured but spared from death were Placido Mupas, barrio teniente, Placido Maņales and Solomon Falales.


Peaceful. Progressive and clean. Cool place. For the barangay to construct a footwalk going to the river.


  1. To construct barangay footwalk.
  2. To maintain cleanliness.
  3. To encourage the resident to plant fruits, vegetables and trees.

Strategies/Proposed Priority Projects

  1. To ask financial assistant from the Local Government Unit.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Mario Morante Punong Barangay
Filomena Nequinto Kagawad
Rogel Falales Kagawad
Rafael Nicano Kagawad
Antonio Florea Kagawad
Vicente Nacapatan Kagawad
Joseph Falales Kagawad
Violeta Mucha Kagawad
Cristine Patricio SK Chairman
Estela Gomes Barangay Secretary
Zenaida Patricio Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Total Land Area

Agricultural 78,981 sq. meters
Residential 3,382 sq. meters

Social Profile

Total population 220
Number of male 103
Number of female 117
Number of youths 26
Number of households 44
Number of houses 43
List of school present in the barangay Ilog-Ilog Elementary School
Number of college students 3
Number of high school students 11
Number of elementary pupils 17
Number of pre-schoolers 2
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic

Infrastructure Profile

Number of Houses with Electricity 37
Number of Houses without Electricity 6
Presence of road and estimated length Rough road = 3 kilometers going to the highway, 8 kilometers going to poblacion
Number of Communication Facilities cellphones 7
Number of Water Supply System Jetmatic pump 4, Electric Water Pumps 3

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