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Brief History

Lumangan is situated in the Bacauan Valley and is 2 kilometers from the national highway and 5 kilometers from the poblacion. It is accessible to transportation during the entire season.

In 1855, Lumangan was called Bitaoyan with some 20 houses scattered along the bank of Bitaoyan (now Bacauan) river. Capitan Mariano Franko Toledo ordered the residents to live in one place and they settled near Lumangan creek. Stories were told that local settlers were engaged in "pang-lumang" activity. A sort of clay forming job as their search for income. When the local Spanish priest visited the place, he named it Lumangan.

Barangay heads were Tomas Montevirgen, Melchor Mosura, Teodoro Monasca, Marcos Fatagani, Luciano Mondido, Hugo Nayon, Anastacio Fermindoza, Ponciano Mondido, Cirilo Montealto, (1942-1943), Uldarico Nayon (1944-1945), Bruno Nuņeza (1946-1947), Gaudencio Morante (1945-1951). Federico Nayon (1952-1955), Jose Naciongayo (1964-1967) and Antonio Napuli (1968-1971) and a woman barangay captain Amalia Montealto (1972-1989) who was once a member of the town's Sangguniang Bayan. Under her, Lumangan achieved improvements and had won honors in the 1974 cleanliness and beautification contest sponsored by the municipality.

Residents observed the feast of their patron "Desposorio" on November 25. The fiesta in this place started before World War II by Eusebio and Leon Naciongayo.

The once prime mover in all of Lumangan's affair was Felipe Montealto of the Bureau of Forest Development (BFD).

In the early 80's, residents were relocated in a nearby place named UPV Relocation Center I as implemented by the University of the Philippines with same few local settlers that remained near Lumangan Creek now called sitio Sapa.

Succeeding heads of the barangay were Nelson Mosura (1989-1994). It was in his term that he began to reestablish the relocated site of Barangay Lumangan. Various infrastructure were built. He initiated programs that were carried in by Francisco Farigde when he succeeded as Punong Barangay in 1994-1997. He was followed by Jennefer Nagret in 1997-1998. Her tenure of office was quite short when she decided to leave her post and preferred to work abroad. The number one Barangay Kagawad Primo Mosura assumed her post in 1998-2002. Shortly before the barangay election he died and the number two kagawad Asuncion Napura assumed for about 2 months as head of the barangay until a new elected Punong Barangay in the person of Purisima Faala has taken her Oath of Office. Presently she heads the council of the barangay in bringing forth the development and welfare to her constituents.


To establish a community that is founded on the norms of social welfare, economic sufficiency and public order and safety through good governance, economic programs, moral concern and strategic development planning.


  1. To promote the general welfare of the community by providing basic services for medical needs, environmental concern, peace and order situation, livelihood problems, water system and street lights facilities and other matters causing concerns that need to be addressed.


  1. Know the community needs and problems.
  2. Tap the potentials in the community.
  3. Lead by examples.
  4. Continuous community education.
  5. Achieve community involvement.
  6. Implementing action.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Purisima Faala Punong Barangay
Myrna Florece Kagawad
Asuncion Napura Kagawad
Danilo Faala Kagawad
Roberto Ferando Sr. Kagawad
Tarcela Conde Kagawad
Rodson Casaig Kagawad
Asuncion Ninal Kagawad
Jessa Bakingking SK Chairman
Nenita Bakingking Barangay Secretary
Rey Mosura Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Number of transportation available in the barangay Jeepney 2, Tricycle 8, Private cars 1, Motorcycle 1, Bicycle 10

Social Profile

Total population 640
Number of male 358
Number of female 282
Number of youths 38
Number of households 119
Number of houses 109
List of sports facilities Basketball, Volleyball, Chess, Badminton, Baseball
List of recreational facilities Basketball court, Volleyball court
List of school present in the barangay Lumangan Day Care Center
Number of college students 21
Number of high school students 49
Number of elementary pupils 121
Number of pre-schoolers 55
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic
Other religious sectors present in the barangay El Shadai, Born Again Christians

Infrastructure Profile

Number of Houses with Electricity 25
Number of Houses without Electricity 7
Presence of road and estimated length Rough road = 5 kilometers
Number of Communication Facilities cellphones 32, telephones 3, Handheld radios 2
Number of Water Supply System Jetmatic pump 17, Deepwell 2, Water Pumps 5

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