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Brief History

Barangay Malagyan is composed of one sitio called Igtucong, which is located 3 kilometers from the poblacion. It is located on the west side of poblacion going towards the majestic Mount Napulak. It is situated at the Tumagboc Valley and bounded by Barangay Dawog and the Tumagboc River on the North, Barangay Paroon on the South, Barangay Indag-an on the West and Barangay Mat-y and poblacion on the East.

There is no earlier records regarding how this barangay got its name, but according to some folks, this came drom the word "alagyan" the early settlers here were from Indag-an and Durog.

Malagyan before becoming a barangay was formerly a sitio of Barangay Indag-an. It became a barrio during the first term of Mayor Mueda with Agustin Monteclaro as barrio teniente who serve until his death in 1971. He was then followed by Ricardo Morit who served for almost 11 years of tenure, since 1972-1983 and was later replaced by Pacifico Montaño who has served office from 1983 to 1986. The governance of the barangay was then transferred to Esteban Nicolasora who act as an OIC barangay captain from 1987 until he was elected as a barangay captain during a barangay election in 1989. He out garnered his fellow candidates by a vote of 111, which lengthen his service from 1989 to 1994. He was succeeded by Charlie Murillo as the Punong Barangay who has rendered his service from 1994 to the present. Under his term, Malagyan became well-known place because of the many developments and many successful brilliant people coming from this place.

For several years of existence this barangay has witnessed not just glorious years but also dark years. Like other barangays in Miag-ao, Malagyan was also attracted by Japanese soldiers during the Japanese occupation in 1942. Several residents were killed, those were Conrado Faizan, Ramon Faizan and Felix Faizan because they were suspected as guerilla fighters. Vicente Motagot, Francisco Nolezada, Agustin Nufable, virginia Nufable, Anastacio Nufable and Salvacion Nufable were all victims of Japanese soldiers' brutalities. Trinidad Fortaleza Nuevaespaña, a witness and a victim of the Japanese, even remembered how she was bayonetted causing severe wounds in her body. Fortunately she has surpassed that tragedy and continue to live in this barangay. Aside from the violence that happened during Japanese occupation, Malagyan also experienced several cases of crime which some of them still remain unsolved.

With such events that happened, the residents still does not loose hope and faith in God. The residents celebrates their patronal fiesta to honor Nuestra Señora de Salvacion in April. But later in 1975, it was changed to Señor San Vicente Ferrer and celebrating it also every April. Given this strong faith to God, this barangay was blessed with countless blessings. Today, Malagyan is now a barangay having a current population of 989 and a total land area of 110.5840 hectares. In addition to this, in 1978, Malagyan became a relocation site of UPV and several affected land owners from Barangays Mat-y and Paro-on settled in the barangay. This further add the rapid population growth and rapid development of the barangay. Well known residents who shaped up this barangay were the Nicolasoras, Bernardino, Conrado, Carlos and Gloria (WAC) all with the former Philippine Constabulary and were now deceased. The Nismals, well known entrepreneur and known professionals, students, youth, laborers, barangay officials and common residents are the backbones in building and shaping up this barangay to what it is today.


The barangay with community of moral, peaceful, God-centered, trustworthy, and willingness to help other people. Free from health sickness and natural calamities with a clean and green surroundings in support to the Clean and Green Program of the government. Complete infrastructure facilities for the use of the community. Quality education, livelihood projects. Its people living progressively and peaceful with the cooperation and support of the community and the officials of the barangay.


  1. Construction of additional jetmatic pump or electric motors for water supply.
  2. Construction of waiting shed in every zone.
  3. Purchase of lot for basketball arena.
  4. Construction of extension school building.
  5. Construction of permanent dumping station.
  6. Extend livelihood to unemployed constituents.


  1. Encourage people to dig additional deep well.
  2. Financial assistance from provincial or municipal government.
  3. Allocate budget for the construction of waiting shed.
  4. Allocate budget to purchase lot.
  5. Encourage lot owners to donate lots.
  6. Pass a resolution to the Sangguniang Bayan to approve the construction of an extension school building.
  7. Follow up resolution to the Municipal School Board for the construction of an additional school building.
  8. Follow-up DECS for appropriation of budget for the construction of an additional school building.
  9. Construct permanent dump site.
  10. Encourage people to recycle non-biodegradable materials.
  11. Encourage people to Zero Waste Management.
  12. Allocate budget for livelihood projects.
  13. Encourage people to plant vegetables and other root crops.
  14. Skill training program for cottage industries.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Charlie Murillo Punong Barangay
Elna Plasus Kagawad
Bernardo Huelar Kagawad
Lelanie Lilia Avance Kagawad
Mary Jane Murillo Kagawad
Rodelo Fagarita Sr. Kagawad
Rose Mary Galvan Kagawad
Anita Morit Kagawad
Brian Murillo SK Chairman
Rowena Nalagon Barangay Secretary
Emilie Carno Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Total Land Area

Agricultural 76.5970 has.
Residential 33.987 has
Number of transportation available in the barangay Jeepney3, Tricycle 26, Private cars 9, Motorcycle 6, Bicycle 20

Social Profile

Total population 986
Number of male 494
Number of female 492
Number of youths 55
Number of households 174
List of school present in the barangay Malagyan Day Care Center, Miag-ao Central School Elementary Annex
Number of college students 34
Number of high school students 92
Number of elementary pupils 154
Number of pre-schoolers 73
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic
Other religious sectors present in the barangay Iglesio ni Cristo, Evangelical

Infrastructure Profile

Number of Houses with Electricity 135
Number of Houses without Electricity 39
Number of Communication Facilities cellphones 13, telephones 13
Number of Water Supply System Open shallow well 2, Nawasa 10 faucets

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