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Brief History

Ongyod is about 4 kilometers uphill from Barangay San Jose and 13 kilometers from the town proper. It nestles on a mountainside. Beyond its hills ranges to the west territory of Antique. Once a sitio of Mabayan, it became a barangay after the war.

This place took its name from a creek, is full of natural scenery like deep ravines and cascading waterfalls. From there, one can feel a touch of a towering of Napulak mountains and behold to unbroken shoreline towards Iloilo City.

The wide shrubs areas covering the hills make this place favorable for cattle. Since 1957 until 1980, Dr. Salustiano Mirasol from Iloilo City maintained a DBP-finance cattle project there.

Guerilla soldier had their bivouac in Ongyod during the war. Mayor Orbe and his family also sought refuge at the height of Japanese atrocities in this town. When Japanese soldiers came to this place, they killed 6 residents of Barangay San Jose.

Except for Silverio Mujer and Dionesio Molavizar who headed this place in 1952-1955 and 1960-1963, the position of teniente and later the barangay captain, is a monopoly of one person, Luciano Frondozo 1945-1979, Antonio Farofil 1979-1994, Jose Hermoso 1994-1997, 1997-2002 Roberto Mueden and at present is Ramon Farofil from 2002.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Ramon Farofil Punong Barangay
Benjamin Endiable Jr. Kagawad
ERlinda Ermoso Kagawad
Jocelyn Ermoso Kagawad
Marlito Ermoso Kagawad
Rony Marcelo Kagawad
Jose Molavizar Kagawad
Edward Mojer Kagawad
Geronimo Ermoso SK Chairman
Lourdes Enriquez Barangay Secretary
Elegyn Juderial Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Total Land Area

Agricultural 19.36578 has
Residential 5.7635 has
Forestry 15.54320 has
Grassland 11.26381 has
List of tourist attraction Tinagong DAgat, Tulahong Rock

Social Profile

Total population 246
Number of households 46
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic

Infrastructure Profile

Number of Houses with Electricity 0

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