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Brief History

Barangay Oya-oy is located between Barangay Agdum and Barangay Tigmarabo is San Jose Valley. It is three kilometers upriver from Barangay Banbanan and ten kilometers away from the municipality.

Named after Oya-oy river, it was composed of two sections in the past. Oya-oy Tacas and Oya-oy Ubos, headed by Lucio Monteclaro and Celedonio Montealto.

The first settlers were known only as Abing and Tana who came from Igbaras, and Candi and Oya of this town. The name Oya-oy originated from Oya, a farmer who planted camote as their means of livelihood.

Thus goes on how Oya-oy got its name.

Heads of Barangay Oya-oy were Mateo Ebay, Juan Maestrecampo, Eugenio Ebay, Juan Monteclaro, Ignacio Elpusan (1945-1955), Eligio Epistola (1956-1957), Rafael Patriarca (1958-1959), Tiburcio Fresco 91960-1961), Remegio Patriarca (1962-1963), Gavino Libo-on (1964-1965), Vicente Ebay (1966-1967), Esperidion Elpusan (1968-1971), Peblo Elisteria (1972-1976), Remegio Patriarca (1977-1997), and Erwin Patriarca (1997-2002).


A progressive, clean and peaceful barangay


  1. To promote clean and green program of the government.
  2. To help maintain Peace and Order within the barangay.
  3. To make our barangay clean, peaceful and progressive within the municipality.


  1. To unite, cooperate and work hard.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Romulo Ebay Punong Barangay
Marben Noog Kagawad
Alberto Libo-on Kagawad
Lucresia No-og Kagawad
Bernardo Patriarca Kagawad
Eddie Elumba Kagawad
Erwin Patriarca Kagawad
Perlita Alentaje Kagawad
Mary Liza Naganda SK Chairman
Alicia Elisteria Barangay Secretary
Nenecio Nacisvalencia Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Social Profile

Total population 308
Number of male 155
Number of female 153
Number of youths 13
Number of households 68
Number of houses 62
List of sports facilities Basketball ring, whistle fox, basketball spalding, chessboard, basketball score book, stop watch, badminton set, volleyball net
Water System Spring
List of school present in the barangay Day Care Center
Number of college students 08
Number of high school students 13
Number of elementary pupils 32
Number of pre-schoolers 24
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic

Infrastructure Profile

Number of Houses with Electricity 61
Number of Houses without Electricity 1
Number of roads and Length 3 kilometers cemented, 4 kilometers rough road and 3 kilometers thru the river
Number of Communication Facilities cellphones 11
Number of Water Supply System Jetmatic 1, Spring 2

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