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Brief History

In 16th Century, Barangay Paro-on was called Muro Cleto. It is because the family living in this place were clan of Cleto and these were the following: Maulit family, Nalagon Family, Monteas family, Muesco family, Mujal family and Fajurano family.

As years go by, there was once a Tagalog who came and asked "Saan paroon and daang ito?" (Where is this trail heading to?) But Cabesa Cleto did not understand what the man says. He just remembered the word "paroon ito" so he changed Muro Cleto into Paroon. That was how Paroon got its name.

Cabesa Ceto was the first Cabesa de Barrio. He was succeeded by Agustin Muhat then Herminigildo Nalagon who has the longest tem as Teniente de Barrio who served for 30 years from 1920-1959 followed by Vicente Napasindayao (1960-1963), Antonio Fajurano (1964-1971), Federico Muzones (1972-1989), Gloria Muzones (1989-1992), Gina Mooc (1993-1995), Florita Miague (1996-2002). The present Punong Barabgat is Roger Fajardo.

The main products of Barangay Paroon are rice and corn and also bamboo products like "tabungos" and "amakan". Before, Paroon is known for sugar based delicacy like "lasaw", "butong-butong" and "pinasugbo"..

Barangay Paroon is a remote area about 4 kilometers from the town proper. The only transportation that can reach the barangay proper is "carroza". Majority of the inhabitants in this barangay are farmers. People of Barangay Paroon are happy and contented in their daily routine. Nowadays, there are many educated and professionals in this barangay.

Barangay Paroon celebrates its annual fiesta every last Saturday of January in honor of Saint Peter.


  1. Purchase of water supply.
  2. Renovation of barangay hall.
  3. Renovation of barangay chapel.
  4. Extend livelihood to employed constituents.
  5. To maintain the existence of the barangay as a community.


  1. Allocate budget for all the projects of the barangay.
  2. Financial assistance from provincial and municipal government .
  3. Solicit from higher government officials.
  4. Encourage constituents to plant vegetables and root crops.
  5. To campaign to land owners not to sell their properties to UPV.
  6. To encourage the people to unite for the progress of the barangay and to live in the barangay as a community.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Roger Fajardo Punong Barangay
Roberto Fallarcon Jr. Kagawad
Felix Muesco Kagawad
Joven Muzones Kagawad
Guia Muzones Kagawad
Felino Pagtanac Kagawad
Consolacion Monteas Kagawad
Lorna Lagodgod Kagawad
Mary Jazzel Miague SK Chairman
Maria Ruby Nejar Barangay Secretary
Nelson Muhat Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Land Area

Total Land Area 2650 has

Social Profile

Total population 280
Number of male 130
Number of female 150
Number of youths 23
Number of households 68
Number of houses 48
List of sports facilities Boxing gloves, Softball set, Basketball ball, Volleyball ball, Cheese board
List of recreational facilities Basketball court
Number of college students 18
Number of high school students 26
Number of elementary pupils 36
Number of pre-schoolers 5
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic
Other religious sectors present in the barangay Iglesia ni Cristo, Saksi ni Jehova, Born Again, Mormon

Infrastructure Profile

Presence of road and estimated length Feeder road = 2 kilometers, Carabao trail = 2 kilometers
Number of Houses with Electricity 18
Number of Houses without Electricity 30
Number of Communication Facilities cellphones 6, telephones 2, Handheld radios 1
Number of Water Supply System Jetmatic pump , Deepwell , Spring Water

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