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Brief History

Barangay Pungtod Monteclaro is about 8 kilometers away from the town proper. It consist of 53 families. Most of the people in the barangay depend only on farming as their means of living. There are some people say that as it is two barangay because it is separated by "Taslan Brook or Creek." Monteclaro Elementary School was located along Monteclaro, but from 1958 it was transferred from the upper part of the barangay facing Barangay Sibucao, for some reason that there was more pupils in Barangay Banga and Barangay Tiglawa. The Barangay is along Tumagboc River. Kabsaka road in this barangay was constructed in 1982 with barangay road going to the river. Barangay Bolocaue, Barangay Taal and Barangay Cavite is located before the barangay when crossing the Tumagboc River from Barangay Banbanan, and after the barangay is Barangay Sibucao. The barangay plaza is located at Pungtod with barangay hall, barangay stage, barangay daycare center with two comfort rooms and waiting shed at the front. While the old barangay chapel is in Monteclaro, a newly constructed barangay chapel stand in front of the basketball court. It celebrated its Patronal Fiesta every 4th Saturday of March with San Ramon as its Patron Saint. Most of the residents are religious. A part of the barangay road are not passable especially during raining reason and it needs improvement. Lack of farm products is the number one problem of the people, for 90% of the farm are unirrigated. They have two sources of spring potable water supply. One is for Pungtod and the other one is for Monteclaro. The barangay was energized by ILECO I in 1980 with 49 consumers, with BAPA operation.


To have more farm products. To have sufficient potable water supply. To be passable in all season. To help the needs of our constituents regarding their health.


  1. Develop and secure irrigation pump.
  2. Identify forestry and watershed areas.
  3. Improvement of barangay road.
  4. Construction of Barangay Health Center.


  1. Utilize barangay resources for the purchase of equipment for the irrigation pump and for the improvement of the barangay road..
  2. Identify watershed areas.
  3. Tree planting activities.
  4. Stop burning the forest.
  5. Request Provincial Government for their assistance in the improvement of the barangay road.
  6. Enhance capability of BHW and BSPO in the barangay.
  7. Provide enough medicines.
  8. Improvement of medical equipments.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Luz Feniza Punong Barangay
Eddie Fajurado Kagawad
Pacita Fajanilag Kagawad
Teodulfo Montil Kagawad
Fe Montero Kagawad
Maria Fabrid Kagawad
Eladio Feniza Kagawad
Jose Jay Fantonalgo Kagawad
Rosalea Feniza SK Chairman
Lorena Gadian Barangay Secretary
Melanie Barayoga Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Total Land Area

Agricultural 55 has.
Residential 10 has.
Institutional 1.5 has
Forestry 4 has
Grass land 5 has

Social Profile

Total population 315
Number of Male 150
Number of Female 164
Number of Youths 40
Total Number of Households 53
Total Number of Houses 53
Number of Houses without toilets 2
Sports facilities Basketball court
List of Recreational Facility Kamalig
Water System Spring line, Jetmatic pump, electric motor
Schools present in the barangay Monteclaro Elementary School, Day Care Center
Number of College Students 5
Number of High school Students 13
Number of Elementary Pupils 44
Number of Pre-schoolers 6
Prevailing Religion Roman Catholic
Other Religious Sect in the barangay Baptist
Handicapped Persons and Nature of Disability 3
Number of Out-of-School Youth 8

Infrastructure Profile

Number of Houses with Electricity 50
Number of Houses without Electricity 3
Number of Communication Facilities Handset 2, Cellphone 15
Number of Water Supply System Deepwell 2, jetmatic pump 2, water pump 3, spring 2
Other facilities present in the barangay Barangay hall, waiting shed, barangay stage, barangay comfort rooms, barangay footwalk, barangay chapel

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