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Brief History

In the late 1800 as no definite and official record were to be found and only related elders from decade more than a century ago the barangay was still a vast forest thereby each family has to settle in their respective form which they cleared and live far apart from other families. According to history there were three leaders of the barangay namely: Tan Oming, Tan Beyong and Tan Sevio.

One day, the three leaders called all the inhabitants for a meeting to agree on what name to give to their place. The community has to choose among the name of the three saints, San Gabriel, San Miguel and San Rafael. Majority of the people chooses San Rafael as the name of their barangay. The leaders also commanded the families to live closer as they are already a community.

So everyone in compliance to the order, left their homes in hinterlands and build another house in cluster for they believe that by living closer to one another will mean protection and is a formative factor for unity and cooperatiion.

From then succession of leaders took place from Cabeza to Tan and Tenyente del Barrio and lately Barangay Captain or Punong Barangay.


Peace and progress. To encourage the people of the barangay to cooperate with the barangay officials for the good of the barangay.


  1. Improvement of barangay roads.
  2. Development of forestry and water shed areas where supply of potable water is scarce.
  3. Improvement of health services in the barangay with the help of the Barangay Health Workers.
  4. Assistance to farmers, additional supplies of fertilizers.
  5. Construction of dumping pit.


  1. Strengthening engineering capacity on roads improvement and maintenance.
  2. Conduct tree planting activity on water shed areas.
  3. Provide enough medicines.
  4. Provide materials and other equipments to farmers.
  5. Allocate funding requirements, identify dumping site.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Fe Patlaonag Punong Barangay
Jose Tantiado Kagawad
Crecensio Nagaynay Sr. Kagawad
Ray Narida Kagawad
Danilo Narazo Kagawad
Ariel Santisteban Kagawad
Loreto Nalaunan Kagawad
Johann Dumat-ol Kagawad
Jerome Dennis Tantiado SK Chairman
Cecilia Nievares Barangay Secretary
Lita Narida Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Total Land Area

Agricultural 102,280 has.
Residential 28,282,050 square meters

Social Profile

Total population 1,111
Number of male 558
Number of female 553
Number of youths 60
Number of households 243
Number of houses 209
List of sports facilities basketball court, billiard
Number of transportation available in the barangay jeepney 3, tricycle 8, private cars 8, motorcycle 5, bicycle 40
List of tourist attraction chapel, seashore
Livelihood present in the barangay Hog fattening
List of Livelihood opportunities Manapla making, Hollowblock factory, Sari-sari store
List of cooperatives present in the barangay WOMB, AMMMI FARMC
List of school present in the barangay San Rafael Elementary School, San Rafael National High School
Number of college students 50
Number of high school students 90
Number of elementary pupils 100
Number of pre-schoolers 30
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic
Other religious sectors present in the barangay Protestant, Apostolic Jesus Name, Iglesia ni Cristo, Seven-Day Adventist

Infrastructure Profile

Number of Houses with Electricity 202
Number of Houses without Electricity 07
Number of Bridges and Length 1 - 20 tons and 60 ft.
Number of Communication Facilities cellphones 40, telephones 8, Handheld radios 2
Number of Water Supply System Jetmatic 90, Deepwell 02

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