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  1. To pursue clean, pollution-free and healthy surroundings at all times.
  2. To eradicate drug use and minimize alcohol abuse especially among the youth.
  3. To implement various livelihood projects and established cooperatives.
  4. To provide educational scholarships or grants to out-of-school youths and to the poor deserving students.
  5. To minimize or eradicate the transfer of communicable disease.
  6. To implement the renovation and repair of the barangay hall within the year 2003.
  7. To construct a day care center.
  8. To organize the basic Ecclesiastical community and to support the church religious activities.

Strategies/Proposed Priority Projects

  1. Allocate maintenance budget for clean and green program.
  2. Conduct monthly clean-up day to be supervised by Sangguniang Barangay concerned.
  3. Strictly impose municipal ordinances that adhere to the clean and green program.
  4. Conduct symposiums on the dangers and healthy risk of alcohol and drug abuse.
  5. Put up a plan for community-coordinated efforts to combat drug traffic and abuse.
  6. Close coordination between residents and barangay leaders should be emphasized and maintained to preclude any drug trafficking within the barangay.
  7. Put up an anti-drug campaign billboard.
  8. Establish a program that will send the children of indigent families to school.
  9. Identify livelihood projects that are related to the manpower capabilities of the barangay residents and appropriate funds thereof.
  10. Establish a business cooperative, which provides membership to the indigents.
  11. Ascertain that all barangay infrastructure projects will be given to the barangay residents to their expertise and capability.
  12. Appropriate sufficient budget for the repair and maintenance of the barangay hall.
  13. Conduct public awareness initiatives or programs concerning the outbreak of certain disease and its health risk.
  14. Launch a "Gamot Mo Sagot Ng Barangay" program, which could lessen the burden on buying common medicines among all barangay residents.
  15. Appropriate funds sufficient for the construction of a Day Care Center which could accommodate not less than 30 pupils.
  16. Find available lot for the construction of a Day Care Center.
  17. Solicit funds from benevolent person or hold fund raising activities for such purpose.
  18. Active participation in church or religious related activities.
  19. Conduct quarterly mass in the barangay every year.
  20. Maintain the praying of Holy Rosary at the barangay chapel every night and the Birhen Sang Barangay Prayer activity.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Bernardo Montealto Jr. Punong Barangay
Jessica Torrecampo Kagawad
Cristina Mueden Kagawad
Anita Mujal Kagawad
Ma. Teresita Edica Kagawad
Vicente Tejida Kagawad
Haydee Pagapulan Kagawad
Ma. Renita Bautista Kagawad
Mark Thomas Palmos SK Chairman
Vivian Amar Barangay Secretary
Ma. Rizza Monteclaro Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Total Land Area

Agricultural 10.00 has.
Residential 68.6044 has

Social Profile

Total population 699
Number of male 330
Number of female 369
Number of youths 97
Number of households 138
Number of houses 123
List of sports facilities Boxing, basketball
List of recreational facilities Billiard
List of school present in the barangay St. Louise de Marillac School of Miag-ao
Number of college students 57
Number of high school students 48
Number of elementary pupils 99
Number of pre-schoolers 63
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic
Other religious sectors present in the barangay Protestant, Apostolic Jesus Name, Iglesia ni Cristo, Seven-Day Adventist

Infrastructure Profile

Number of Communication Facilities tower 2
Number of Water Supply System Jetmatic 8, Deepwell 2, Spring Water 2

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