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The primary vision of the Barangay Development Council is to meet all the needs, solve the specific problems of the barangay and facilitate the probable potentials and opportunities of the barangay and its community. The community must get involved in every programs, challenge them to get involve on the projects/programs of the barangay so that smooth process will be imparted to everybody for good of the community.


  1. To finish the construction of the barangay hall.
  2. To improve the water facilities of the barangay.
  3. To improve the livelihood of the community of the barangay.
  4. To improve the clean and green program of the barangay.
  5. To put up a Day Care Center in the barangay.
  6. Improve the economic status of the community.


  1. Encourage the community to get involved in every projects of the barangay giving emphasis that not only the barangay officials are basic factors in the improvement of the barangay but all the community can take their own share in the progress of the barangay.
  2. Look for funds to cope up the needs of the projects. Utilize the source of income properly. The Bayanihan system in the barangay can help in putting up projects and finished it in as soon as possible time frame in the said project.
  3. Cooperative that exist in the barangay can be of great help in increasing the livelihood program in the barangay. challenge the community to exercise all that they have studied and experience in doing something our of the lecture and demonstrations done by some personnel coming from the province. Encourage them in income generating projects.
  4. Barangay Officials must see to it that they are doing their best for the progress of the community.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Edgar Siva Punong Barangay
Cooler Abaygar Kagawad
Danny Magbanua Kagawad
Reynaldo Magbanua Kagawad
Benito Nonescan Kagawad
Romeo Nufable Kagawad
Jonabeth Noquilla Kagawad
Nonito Novilla Kagawad
Jenelyn Pantua SK Chairman
Medelyn Magbanua Barangay Secretary
Lolita Abong Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Total Land Area

Agricultural 39.83 has
Residential 19.91 has
Forestry 39.83 has
Grassland 19.91 has
Commercial 9.95 has
Open Space 19.91 has
Industrial 9.95 has
Number of transportation available in the barangay Jeepney 5, Tricycle 7, Private car 2, Motorcycle 2, Bicycle 12

Social Profile

Total population 494
Number of male 252
Number of female 242
Number of households 103
Number of houses 97
Number of college students 16
Number of high school students 34
Number of elementary pupils 71
Number of pre-schoolers 13
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic

Infrastructure Profile

Presence of road and estimated length National road
Number of Houses with Electricity 89
Number of Houses without Electricity 8
Number of Bridges and Length 2 = 8 meters & 6 meters
Number of Communication Facilities cellphones 32, telephones 4, Handheld radios 1
Number of Water Supply System Jetmatic pump 36, Deepwell 1, Water Pumps 8, Spring Water 1

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