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Brief History

Tumagboc is the sister barangay of Ticdalan. They have one patron, Nuestra Sra. de Salvacion, whose feast is celebrated in the month of April.

This place lies near the junction of Tumagboc River and Ticdalan Creek, the meeting point of which is called tumagbo in the dialect. This is how the barangay got its name.

During the revolution against Spain, young men from this barangay were conscripted to fight for Mother Spain. They called themselves voluntarios. Later on, however, these voluntarios turned revolutionarios and fought against the Spaniards. One of these revolutionarios was Vicente Flores, the father of Felicula Nalumen whose husband Severino "Binong" Nalumen was the first barrio teniente of Tumagboc who served for nineteen years from 1927-1946.

Other heads were Gavino Nies (1947-1948), Falvio Mondejar (1949-1951), Anselmo Fallacorina (1952-1955), Natividad Muyong (1960-1963) and Geronimo Naragdao (1956-1959) and (1964-1967). Gavino Nies came back to head the barrio (1968-1979). Loreto Mosote, Rodolfo Nacis (1991-1997) and Francisco Nalumen (1997-present.)


The barangay officials of Barangay Tumagboc visualized a more developed, more clean and green and peaceful Barangay Tumagboc. Establishing a comprehensive, continual and paralleled development programs will help in realizing our mission. The development programs and projects were carefully planned, considered and termed, if not to answer directly but could lessen the problems, issues and futuristic concerns. Delivering the services is also our top priority to meet the people's expectations. These challenges were not new to us. We strongly believe that we dad done already a humble beginning. All we have to do is to keep our plans rolling to produce the answer for better implementations of development programs. We are confident of accomplishing the mission within the term granted. Yet, so much hope that if our term terminated, our next leaders may continue the mission we started and still envisions of what we are trying to achieve. This year's development plan provide the barangay leaders its tools in reaching goals and objectives formulated.

Objectives/Priority Project

  1. Improvement of barangay road, concrete footwalk/pathways, canal system and drainage system
  2. Improvement and additional installation of barangay street lights.
  3. Livelihood projects.
  4. Beautification, Clean and Green Program.


  1. Generate sources of funds through barangay taxing ordinances, probably if approved by the Sangguniang Bayan and benefit balls, raffles and other means of fund raising activities.
  2. Conduct feasibility studies and conduct public hearing to meet different opposing interests of both parties concerning on barangay dumping site.
  3. Steady follow-up the passed resolution at the Office of the Governor of Iloilo for proposed water system of the barangay.
  4. Passed resolution to persons or agencies asking for financial assistance to projects and programs proposal of the barangay.
  5. Activate ronda system.

Barangay Profile

General Profile

Barangay Officials

Francisco Nalumen Punong Barangay
Santos Fallacorina Kagawad
Gloria Maghari Kagawad
Richard Naragdao Kagawad
Danilo Nad Kagawad
Marlon Bolocn Kagawad
Ma. Suset Fajanilag Kagawad
Jbony Napilan Kagawad
Mitchel Mosote SK Chairman
Merlita Mogatar Barangay Secretary
Marilyn Bolocon Barangay Treasurer

Economic Profile

Total Land Area

Agricultural 58,248.8 sq. meters
Residential 13,487 sq. meters
Forestry 1,500sq.meters
Grassland 750 sq. meters
Number of transportation available in the barangay Jeepney 4,Tricycle 1, Motorcycle 1

Social Profile

Total population 520
Number of households 86
List of sports facilities Basketball court
Prevailing religion Roman Catholic

Infrastructure Profile

Number of Houses without Electricity 2
Number of Communication Facilities Cellphones 25, Handheld radios 1

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