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Nestled snugly in the western part of Miagao, somewhere in Tumagboc Valley, lies an institution committed to set free young individuals from the bondage of ignorance and transform them into adequately trained persons ready to face another chapter in their chosen field of higher education. Stretched on 13,556 square meters of plains and hills of Barangay Aguiauan, it is 5.5 kilometers away from the poblacion.

One can be awed by its rustic scenes - the majestic mountains, rolling hills and vast plains. as one looks around, he can see wide rice fields, rows of coconut trees and clumps of bamboo trees. These are simple scenes that can give one's soul peace of mind, serenity and contentment. This is one place that is conducive to learning.

Alejandro Firmeza Memorial National High School, formerly Aguiauan Barangay High School was founded 33 years ago in the year 1967 through the efforts of concerned residents. It occupied a small portion of Aguiauan Elementary School and started its operation with thirty one (31) students in the first year and graduated its first batch on April 15, 1970.

Years passed and the school continuously attracted students from all walks of life. The limited campus area afforded a cozy atmosphere though classes were housed in nipa and bamboo huts or even under the mango tree. Nevertheless, it produced graduates who became successful in their own chosen fields of endeavor.

Due to the influx of students from neighboring barangays and limited space, the school became congested. This situation lasted for quite some time until a philanthropic individual, Alejandro Firmeza and his family, formerly from this barangay, donated a portion of their lot which became its present site. Thus, by virtue of DECS Order No. 5 dated August 2, 1990, the school was named Alejandro Firmeza Memorial National High School.

In 1987, a two-classroom building was constructed on the new site as a donation of the Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry through the efforts of Ret. Supt. Joaquin D. Tesoro.

From then on, the school underwent a long period of transition especially on the physical aspects. From a mere nipa hut, now the area mushroomed with buildings as the school is a recipient of the Secondary Education Development Program (SEDP) Building Package.

The quest for greater achievement continued as the school gained prominence when it was awarded as the "Most Effective Secondary School, Barangay Category" in the whole Division of Iloilo, School Year 1995-1996. Likewise, Denisa D. Fantillo was awarded First Place as the "Most Effective Secondary School Principal, Barangay Category" in the whole Division of Iloilo, School Year 1995-1996.

AFMNHS, a duly recognized institution is headed by its dynamic principal Mrs. Denisa D. Fantillo with the support of twenty one (21) competent teachers who safeguard the welfare of 656 enrollees fro school year 1997-1998.

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