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The District of Miagao includes 27complete elementary schools and 2 primary schools. Most of its schools are accessible to transportation except for a few which could be reached by walking or horseback riding. The District is headed by a District Supervisor based at the Miagao Central Elementary School located at the poblacion. The schools are likewise supervised by a head teacher or principal.

In 1901, when the American civil government was established in the Philippines, the first American teacher of the town was Wals Bratton, an officer of the U.S. Army. He was also the first school supervisor of Miagao. Five other American supervisors followed Bratton. In 1911, Emilio Mondejar of Maasin, Iloilo was appointed school supervisor. He was the first Filipino to occupy this post.

In 1971, because of the increase in the number of teachers and pupils, the District of Miagao was split into two districts, that of Miagao East and Miagao West. The District of Miagao East with 13 complete elementary schools and one primary school was under the supervision of Juanito Montenid as District Supervisor, while the District of Miagao West with 14 complete elementary schools and one primary school was under Isidoro Morada.

Miagao Central Elementary School has remained as the seat of administration of the District of Miagao East under the supervision of Evangelina N. Intal, District Supervisor. The District of Miagao was instrumental in molding professionals, most of whom have been successful in their chosen fields of endeavor. In its very simple and humble way, the District of Miagao East has contributed to the making of Miagao, a place to be.

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