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Miagao West, the "daughter" of Miagao East, came into existence in 1969 when Department Order Series of 1969 caused the splitting of big school districts of which Miagao was one.

The first district supervisor assigned in the District of Miagao West was Isidoro Morada who called for the first district conference attended by 118 teachers and school heads coming from fourteen complete elementary schools and one primary school comprising the whole district. Most of these schools are located in far flung mountain areas. Six District Supervisors assigned in Miagao West made notable improvement in terms of academic performance, co-curricular activities, buildings and facilities. in 1976, Mr. Morada, having served for 7 years, vacated the position due to his promotion as Division Supervisor I, Division of Iloilo Province.

Elias Quilantang occupied the vacant position until 1982 when he transferred to Miagao East. Later, he returned to Miagao West in 1986 but did not hold office. Instead, he applied for terminal leave and retired in 1988. Juanito Montenid occupied the vacant position in 1982 due to the transfer of Mr. Elias Quilantang and held office until 1985. Jesus Nasa assumed officially the position of school district supervisor of Miagao West in 1988, vice Mr. Quilantang who retired and held office until the early part of 1991.

Mrs. Julieta P. Polido, the first lady district supervisor, took office effective June 1991 vice Mr. Nasa. In September 1996, she filed her vacation leave of absence up to the early part of December of the same year, giving a chance to Patricio N. Fio to assume the position as Principal-In-Charge of the District until January 1997 when Mrs. Polido returned. Presently, Mr. Patricio N. Fio holds office as District Supervisor vice Mrs. Polido who retired in the year 2000.

Palaca-Damilisan Elementary School, the central school and the location of the District Office of the Miagao West District, changed its name to Miagao West Central Elementary School in 1994 to coincide with the commemoration of the silver anniversary of the district.

The first Principal II assigned in the central school was Faustino Silvela who was promoted as district supervisor and was succeeded by Juanito Setias. Mr. Setias initiated the organization of Miagao West Elementary Teachers Association (MWETA) with MWETA MAS which provides financial assistance to teacher-members and their beneficiaries in case of death. With the untimely death of Mr. Setias, the Principal II became vacant. Jesus Nasa who was a Principal I assumed the responsibilities of Principal II in the central school until he was promoted. Principal II item in Miagao West District was carried to other district, thus, Patricio Fio, a Principal I, transferred to the central school and discharged the responsibilities of a Principal II until his promotion in 1992. Mr. Fio served for more than four (4) years as Principal II.

Miagao West District is trying to bring honor and fame to the Municipality of Miagao. The District received an award for Outstanding Performance in NFE during the time of Mr. Nasa as school district supervisor. In school year 1991-1992, Miagao West Central Elementary School and the Jesus Nievales Memorial Elementary School were among the samples in the Region test conducted by the Division of Iloilo Province. These two schools made remarkable performance and improved the division standing from rank 12 to rank 6. The following year, the Central School and San Rafael Elementary School were included among the division sample schools and the result in the Regional Test was again very encouraging.

When the first National Elementary Achievement Test (NEAT) was given to all grade six pupils, the District of Miagao West ranked 15 out of 52 school districts in the Division of Iloilo. In cultural activities, Miagao West showed outstanding performances during contests. The folk dancers trained by Perla Nonescan and Teresita Perez, teachers in the central school, won many first places during the First Congressional District Meets and second of third place places during the Integrated Meet. Declaimers in English or in Filipino and the soloists performed remarkably, too.

In June 1994, Alimodias Primary School was established. Now, the said school is a complete elementary school.

Miagao West District commemorated in 1994 its Silver Anniversary which was documented in the souvenir program and published in the "Western Echo", the district official paper which circulated in the area for three consecutive years.

At present, the District of Miagao West has 123 teachers, including 2 teachers-in-charge, 9 Head Teachers, 4 Principal I, 1 Principal II, 2 utility workers and a District Supervisor. It has 16 complete elementary schools.

Miagao West is doing its task in nation building and achieving its goal to produce graduates who would be globally competitive in the near future.

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