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The Kaunlaran Learning Center was founded and formally organized on August 14, 1989 by Mrs. Lourdes V. Armada, a Social Worker and Vor Diplomate Padagogik, who was later appointed as School Coordinator. Its initial goal was to cater to the pre-elementary education needs of the children of UPV personnel who transferred to Miagao and the dislocated families in the new campus.

Starting at the nursery level, servicing thirty (30) pupils, the school was located at the vacant cottage in the UPV staff house in Miagao as its temporary site. The pieces of furniture used were borrowed from the Property Office of the College of Fisheries through the help of Dean Efren Ed Flores. The school was registered as a foundation and is therefore a non-profit institution and is dependent only on the tuition fees of the children for its support. Beginning school year 1990-1991, the curriculum was expanded to include Kindergarten. In the succeeding year, 1992, two more levels were opened, the Pre-nursery and Preparatory.

The school coordinator acts as school head and is assisted by the KLC adviser, members of the Board of Trustees, evaluators, academic committee members, who all render voluntary services.

The tuition fee is minimal, enough only to purchase supplies and instructional materials used daily and to pay for the salaries and other benefits of the personnel. The parents and officers organized themselves to form a foundation on September 10, 1990. And on September 17, 1990, the Kaunlaran Learning Center Foundation, Incorporated (KLCFI) was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The elementary curriculum was opened in 1993. The members decided to expand the program to include the elementary as the scholastic performance of the students was found to be very satisfactory.

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