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Exercises control and supervision over all local administrative affairs in the municipality, subject to the provision of the civil service law, rules and regulations, appoints all officers and employees of the municipal government; represents the municipality in its business transactions and signs on its behalf all contracts, obligations and official documents made in accordance with law or ordinance; and exercises other powers and duties prescribed under Sec. 444, Book III of the Local Government Code (RA 7160).


To exercise executive direction, control, supervision, and management of government affairs of the municipality of Miagao, to provide able leadership in the planning, programming, coordination and implementation of development project and activities of the of the various government offices and agencies, including those of the private sectors when public interests is involved, in order to promote progress and well-being of the people of Miagao in an atmosphere of peace and security; and to promote physical, historical and cultural development in the municipality thru continuous programs and activities related hereto.


  1. Increase in Municipal Income

    The need to increase municipal income is paramount if only to improve the quality of services one could render its constituents. Good roads, modern market place, availability and viability of government facilities are the best examples of quality government services an LGU could provide its people. These projects and improvements could only be achieved with enough government funds.

    Examining the summary of income for the past nine (9) years, the Internal Revenue Allotment takes the biggest share of the pie with 82.74% of the total generated amount, followed by the Local Revenue representing 11.44%, Market 5.56% and Slaughterhouse .26%. This simple comparative presentation of the income as to sources shows that greater majority of our income comes from the IRA.

    The need to increase municipal income from local sources is therefore a priority concern of the local administration. The administration projects to achieve significant increase in the local revenue and sources by as much as 200% by 2004. This means generating an annual collection from the market, slaughterhouse and local revenue of 8-10 Million from 3 Million average annual collection.

    The action plan will include a rigid and efficient tax collection from business and real property taxes for the first 1 ½ years and the remaining 1 ½ how to increase the rate of local fees and revenue.

    As part of the strategy, the local government will likewise engaged in income generating projects like the establishment of a training and recreation center where additional income could be generated by the LGU.

  2. Development of Secondary Growth Centers

    When talking about secondary growth center it means a certain barangay as the center or focus of socio-economic development in one cluster of barangays. Nine (9) secondary growth centers for development were identified, namely:

    1. Bacolod
    2. San Fernando
    3. Calagtangan
    4. Banbanan
    5. La Consolacion
    6. San Jose
    7. Pungtod Monteclaro
    8. Valencia
    9. San Rafael

    This project was started by the previous administration by developing the barangays roads as an intervention. The present administration intend to continue the program by providing satellite markets and encourage the private sector to engage in other business ventures like the establishments of bakery, tailoring, grocery stores and even funeral parlors in identified growth centers.

    Major services like health stations, water systems and installation of electric power will also become part of the intervention that this administration intends to provide.

    The development of secondary growth centers will redound to the improvement of socio-economic condition of the barangays.

  3. Construction of Circumferential and By-Pass Road

    Mayor Julieta N. Flores has managed to construct 21.8 kilometers of new roads. This is one of her major accomplishments during her term. What the present administration plans to do is to interconnect the existing roads to form a “circumferential road”.

    This will provide accessibility to commuters in any point in Miagao. Example, people from Barangay Dalije need not traverse the national road in going to Barangay San Jose but take the new circumferential road network from Dalije directly to San Jose, enroute Bacolod, Pudpud, La Consolacion, Bariri, Belen then San Jose.

    Part of the plan for the road construction is a By-Pass road from Barangay Banuyao to Barangay Palaca traversing Kirayan Tacas, Bagumbayan, Malagyan, UPV then to Palaca. This project will serve as an alternate highway to decongest the growing traffic problem on the existing national highway especially in the poblacion area.

    Lateral expansion of 21 barangays along the national highway will also be considered by constructing or opening new roads either towards the shoreline or inward to the other side of the highway.

  4. Tourism Promotion and Development

    Tourism Promotion and Development will remains a banner program under the present administration. Since the foundation of the “Salakayan Festival” was already established by Mayor Julieta Flores, the same will be taken over by the Foundation which we will be created with the LGU strongly behind it, while shifting concentration on the development of scenic and historical attractions and the promotion of traditional industries as part of the second and third phases of the plan, respectively. Greater efforts will be done to improve the shorelines. Cleanliness will be observed and public bathing stations will be established.

  5. Improved Health Program

    The establishment of a 24-hour emergency clinic has bolstered the capability of the Rural Health Unit especially with regards to the needed health assistance at night. Six thousand one hundred seventy-eight (6,178) patients were served by the clinic since it was established in November 1997.

    Expanded health program will not end after the establishment of the Emergency Clinic. It will continue to increase its capabilities by establishing a medical laboratory and providing lying-in services to the emergency clinic. Barangay health stations will be improved in terms of equipment, instruments and facilities. Presence of health personnel in the barangays health stations will be maximized to provide adequate services to our people. There will be a special program for the cure and eradication of tuberculosis which is considered as a major health problem among the elderly and the young ones alike.

  6. Identification and Establishment of a Permanent Landfill and the Improvement of Garbage Collection Together With The Laying Down Of The Blue Print Of A Poblacion-Wide Sewerage System

    A permanent landfill will be identified and immediately constructed. A system of collecting garbage in the urban area will be studied and introduced.

    To accomplish this plan, Garbage Management Committee will be created to formulate the scheme for garbage collection and supervise its operation. Enough funds will be set aside in the 2004 Annual Budget to fully develop the new landfill in Barangay Tugura-ao.

    Recycling as a method of making use of the garbage will likewise be considered by my administration. A blue print of the poblacion-wide sewerage system will be drafted and soon implemented depending on the availability of funds for the purpose.

  7. Integrated Agricultural Development

    Integrated Agricultural Development would mean engaging in varied agricultural activities which will include:

    1. Massive Fruit Tree Planting
    2. Large Scale Vegetable Production and Propagation of Demo Farms
    3. Fishery Development Projects Like Tilapia or Hito (catfish) Production
    4. Advance Technology On Rice Production
    5. Cooperative Development
    6. Swine, Poultry and Livestock Production
    7. Alternate Crop Production Like Bulb Onions, Peanut, Garlic, Ginger, Beans, etc.

    The present administration, give greater emphasis on the development of agri-based industries like salt-making, pottery, bamboo craft, weaving and food and fish preservation.

  8. Energization Program

    There are 10,002 households in Miagao. Six thousand three hundred eighty (6,380) are served by the ILECO I. The remaining 3,622 households are still unserved.

    In terms of the number of barangays there are 26 barangays still unserved by electric power.

    Strong representation with NEA and ILECO I will be initiated for the energization of the remaining numbers ofu nenergized barangays. If the project seemed unattainable at the moment alternate power supply will be facilitated like the use of generator. Barangays funds will be augmented by the municipality to purchase the unit.

  9. Cleanliness and Sanitation

    Cleanliness and sanitation drive will be established as a program. It will start from the local government premises to the very place of everyone’s backyard and surroundings especially in the poblacion.

    Since cleanliness and sanitation is primarily a man-made problem or concern, discipline must be observed.. The Local Health and Sanitation Code will be implemented with teeth and observed religiously. Thru this measure cleaning and sanitizing once surrounding is a matter of obligation rather than a mere concern.

    To encourage public involvement and participation the program will be coupled with the giving of merit and recognition to deserving individuals, households or entities in an appropriate occasion like the town’s foundation day celebration.

  10. Office and Personnel Development Program

    Quality public service depend largely on the effectiveness of the Office concerned and the capability of the personnel to deliver the required services.

    By improving the office we mean the provision of necessary equipment and materials certain offices need like a modem or fax machine for the MCR to access to central office record in Manila which is needed most of the time or a mere weighing scale for the health office. Initially, the present administration will provide all offices with computers and accessories. Presently there are eight (8) local government offices with computers. There are still six offices that has to be provided.

    Personnel capabilities on the other hand will be enhanced thru adequate training program seeing to it that personnel are given the opportunity to improve themselves in terms of performance especially those handling technical and more complicated functions that require extra skills and knowledge of the job.

  11. Sports Development Program

    Sports program will not only be limited to basketball or group events . The present administration will encourage the development of other sports with the support of the business and the private sector like boxing, taekwondo , swimming, chess, marathon, cycling and track and fields. These are sports competitions that can be participated in by individuals who have greater chances of becoming great athletes or champions.

    This project will be achieved by providing sports facilities especially in schools where potential athletes are developed.

    The Sports Development Council will likewise be strengthened as forerunner of this project.

  12. Comprehensive Land Use Plan

    The completion of the Comprehensive Land Use Plan will be a top priority project. This will provide investors and users alike with the blue print of the usage of the land based on the immediate and current need of the municipality.

    The CLUP will be fully completed by CY 2003.

  13. Social Upliftment Program

    This can be achieved with the sustainability of the Day Care Program as the banner program of the MSWDO. Other social development programs for the senior citizens , women, youth, disabled, juvenile delinquents, parentless mothers and children will be attended also by the present administration.

    Livelihood program for the impoverished and jobless members of the community will continue to be implemented as a strategy to uplift the social condition of the people. This can be done thru financial assistance for capital build-up for small-scale entrepreneurs like the street vendors, market vendors and farmers who wish to engage in backyard poultry raising or vegetable gardening.

    The MSWDO will be the official arm of the administration in the extension of aids and assistance, financial or material for social development programs and projects to include the giving of financial assistance for medicine and hospitalization.

  14. Clean Potable Water Supply

    The Local Water District will expand its services in the poblacion, Kirayan Tacas, Igtuba, Kirayan Sur and other nearby areas. In the long range, a study is on-going to tap spring water from Onop and other sources to service more barangays.

  15. Development of Moral Values

    The development of moral values among Miagaowanons will be integrated in the concept of development that was conceived for the municipality for the next three years.

    The idea will be started in all government institutions under the jurisdiction of the local government. Officials and employees are expected to be courteous and respectful in dealing with the clientele. Honesty and dedication to public service will be a creed to be followed in the exercise of ones functions, duties and responsibilities, while the observance of good moral value will keep the integrity of public governance in the local government unit worthy of praise in the eyes of the people and God.

    This program will be enhanced thru workshops, seminars and group dynamics that will be initiated by the administration.

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